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Moreover, even less is known as to the basis on which policies affecting the allocation and distribution of funds rest.
The improvement in crime statistics has been credited to better enforcement and allocation of officers.
Makes major budgetary and resource allocation decisions.
But water is everywhere hugely subsidised, and protectionism often stops an efficient allocation of resources.
Credit allocation is always a problem with-in science.
His company applies a market-based system to bandwidth allocation in a computer network.
Prepare budget and determine allocation of funds for staff, supplies and equipment.
If they don't use that allocation in a given year, they lose it.
And new technology is driving a much more efficient system for capital allocation to startups.
Economists should have been more worried about the housing bubble and a lousy allocation of capital from the savings glut.
Subsidizing ethanol or bio-diesel does not allow for efficient resource allocation.
Public-resource allocation is a serious, important business.
They have a friend, perhaps a theatre producer, who gets a special allocation.
Governments have adopted this practice because it appears to be a scientific method for resource allocation.
The result does seem to be a better allocation of resources than people would make by themselves.
It's easy to argue that rapid credit expansion fueled bubbles and poor resource allocation.
Nor does any clear principle apply to the allocation of the money.
With the ending of allocation, the government's egg subsidy to farmers is eliminated and the allocation and price control ends.
The allocation will double the number of officers with high-powered weapons.
BT executives were reported as saying that the allocation might increase if the initial investment proved profitable.
Too often the allocation of profits and investments was unclear, leading to endless squabbling.
Housing allocation may have caused another, unforeseen problem.
Some claim that the city is not always impartial in its allocation of projects.
It left the specific allocation of spending cuts to be negotiated over the summer and early autumn.
She develops treatment-allocation procedures that use accruing data to produce better predictive estimates.
From a public-safety standpoint, it's not a rational allocation of resources.
So, our resource-allocation mechanisms must be fundamentally flawed.
Power conservation or allocation may cause you to take your foot off the accelerator.
Better allocation of funds however certainly would have us further down the road on this and many other significant projects.
The allocation of seats is unfair, critics say, with some poorly supervised students landing sought-after slots.
In both cases technology is unsettling the status quo: the balance in copyright and the bureaucratic allocation of frequencies.
The problem is that the law took shape after two decades of record water flows, which became the basis for allocation.
Those that cheated on the first encounter got a one-off allocation of fitness, but would never be trusted in the future.
Auctions alone are now considered unsatisfactory, because they do not change the traditional structure of spectrum allocation.
Improving the financial sector's depth would help to mobilise savings and improve the efficiency of capital allocation.
Saying that opens up all sorts of anguished conversations about brain-drains, resource allocation and school choice.
Your contribution allocation will not affect the money that is already in your account.
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