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They do not want us to allocate all that money until a review has been made.
What matters most is how you allocate your overall savings — and how much you save.
Best plan is to allocate regular hours each day for studying, whether there's an exam corning or not.
Dozens of Federal programs use census figures in order to allocate local aid.
The computer would allocate that memory for programs or storage as it needed.
On the average they can allocate only about a third of local taxes to education.
Census population figures are used to allocate federal dollars for everything from roads to social services.
These mutual funds allocate all your money automatically into a basket of mutual funds that fit your risk profile.
While they agreed on this goal, they deadlocked over how to allocate the money.
That's a much more prudent way to allocate the stock portion of your retirement fund.
They have the potential to provide transparency, allocate capital efficiently, and reduce market volatility.
We need to allow school operators significantly more freedom in how they allocate dollars.
But the disagreement is almost always over how best to allocate public resources.
It's the study of how people, companies, and societies allocate scarce resources.
Every economy needs some paper entrepreneurs to help allocate capital efficiently among product entrepreneurs.
He has chosen to allocate a significant portion of his life to the topic.
Then, allocate funding requests by the peer review process.
The rest of the world would hire him, allocate vast resources, and set him loose on enemies.
When it comes to emissions trading, nobody agrees on how to allocate permits.
Power generators then allocate their resources based on this predicted demand and pricing.
These correlations demonstrate the importance of learning to strategically allocate our attention.
The scientific discipline known as public economics describes why government is needed alongside markets to allocate resources.
Allocate research funds and time on viruses that are already wiping out species.
It is up to professionals to allocate scarce medical resources to the problem of addiction, and find methods with better results.
It's also gone a long way from a government and a societal standpoint in helping to allocate resources.
Those posting comments here seem to think that government can allocate resources more efficiently than the market can.
Boards should also make decisions on where to allocate resources based on what works or what should improve.
We don't get all worked up about installing a grey water recovery system to better allocate water resources.
The nonprofits have the capacity to quickly re-allocate resources and divert staff-the public sector does not.
Difficult decisions will have to be made about how to allocate these limited resources to prevent and treat these three diseases.
Bandwidth is an increasingly limited resource, and we've got to figure out a better way to allocate it.
Doctors would be left to allocate scarce resources, deciding who should live and who should die.
There has been a push to allocate more money for outpatient care and community-based education through posters.
Instead, the team has decided to allocate its resources to pitching.
Allocate more money for transportation if you plan to fly or take private taxi transport between destinations.
But a broken financial system's inability to allocate capital efficiently has bigger long-term consequences.
The discussion over how to allocate the settlement funds is also likely to be acrimonious and painful.
In the case of an earthquake, for instance, the agents bid among themselves to allocate ambulances.
When governments allocate money, they do so according to where it will bring benefit.
But the formulas used to allocate the money shape infrastructure planning in a remarkably block-headed manner.
Both are scarce-so a market is the best way to allocate their use.
Audits are vital to investors, who need trustworthy accounts if they are to allocate capital efficiently.
The whole idea, you see, is to allocate resources more intelligently.
They must draw up contracts to allocate any profits and what will happen if anything goes wrong.
Government planners, rather than a market, allocate supplies and set prices and wages.
One could sift and sort the factors behind its success, and allocate the clone's money accordingly.
Allocate credits for the total acceptable number, and they could be traded.
Besides certain lower bounds, there is often no sensible way to allocate output or productivity to particular workers.
When a market left to itself does not allocate resources efficiently.
The official poverty measure is politically untouchable because it is used to allocate heaps of public money.
In theory, for instance, you should allocate shares through auctions.
If free markets do indeed efficiently allocate resources, individuals should bear the cost of their education.
Even when they do go up, there is no system to allocate them.
It is unlikely that a committee would have had the guts to allocate so much time to what was a speculative punt.
We will use reasonable efforts to allocate earned points to each user's account.
The data will be used to adjust legislative boundaries and allocate billions in federal funds.
We need to get rid of all of these education bureaucrats and instead allocate that money to real teachers.
If society wishes to allocate more resources towards educating problem students than typical students, it may make that decision.
Generally, community property laws require you to allocate community income and expenses equally between both spouses.
However, if there is a price cap, markets will no longer be able to allocate resources.
Allocate joint income, such as interest earned on a joint bank account, as you determine.
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