alliteration in a sentence

Example sentences for alliteration

The alliteration and meter wasn't entirely correct, but it made me laugh.
Think of a poet who employs a staff of experts in metaphor, meter, alliteration and lineation to commit an idea to paper.
The alliteration and rhyme may pique readers' interest, but the concept of a stapler trying to outwit an animal seems strained.
Students pick a favorite song with clean lyrics and use the lyrics to demonstrate poetry devices such as rhyme and alliteration.
The language gains extra texture from judicious use of alliteration (""Fire fumed with great fury"").
In addition to the rhyme, I also love the alliteration.
This background shows through in an over-fondness for clever-clever hyphenation, shaky metaphors and heavy alliteration.
We have to love the alliteration - the gloom-doom-room.
Her exaggerated alliteration and fabulous gouaches brim with glamour.
Also, always avoid annoying alliteration.
Alliteration, puns and further word-play were other devices employed to the same end.
There was always a snag, a cultural misstep or lame alliteration.
Using two or more words with the same beginning sound is an alliteration.
Select words and phrases that contain poetic effects such as alliteration and consonance.
Sound patterns, particularly rhyme or alliteration, appeal to children who enjoy the familiarity.
Songs are filled with rhymes, alliteration, and different sound patterns.
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