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Example sentences for alleles

Variation of alleles is critical to evolution, also known as the reason we're here.
Traditional laboratory mice have a limited number of alleles-that is, different versions of the same gene.
Biological evolution consists of nothing more than a change in the frequency of alleles in a breeding population.
In this way genetic diversity of even deleterious alleles can be preserved as many low frequency recessively expressed variants.
Having totally different alleles for a gene can have absolutely no effect if the gene is not expressed.
But, you never know what will happen when you mix alleles from different genetic backgrounds.
For each of the three, there are thousands of different versions, or alleles.
As the population size increases, however, the total number of alleles becomes more or less restricted to moving by one.
Functional testing of variant alleles has begun to connect phenotype correlations with biological differences.
Every human has a suite of deleterious alleles, some of them inherited from their parents, some of them new and unique.
Instead of having to generate a distribution of outcomes from their parents you have the specific pairs of alleles.
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