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Then, click, you realize: Martel knows exactly what he's doing in this lean little allegory about a talking donkey and monkey.
There's plenty of allegory that is also great literature.
One part intriguing allegory to nine parts gore, zombie films are hard to love.
Additionally, it's an allegory for freedom and sacrifice.
Modern education does not deal any more in allegory, hence the disconnect.
This brings me to the allegory of the cave.
Where these books are not escapist, they often contain political allegory.
Animal Farm is a political allegory.
More satire than allegory, the book is also hurt by an abrupt ending.
This allegory portrays the cosmic war between demonic and heavenly forces.
It's a poignant social allegory of a drowning society and the crushing weight of destiny.
But overt criticism was still taboo, so the fifth generation made extensive use of allegory.
Sometimes the philosophy is confused with the allegory.
Even the personal and lyrical portions do not destroy the impression that the poem is a true birth of the old allegory.
It is a grim allegory of human life largely conceived and forcibly wrought.
The poem was an allegory about his desire to leave our family.
Even more specifically, it is an allegory, though not a heavy-handed one.
Its brief time in the light, and the darkness from which it comes and to which it goes, provides the allegory of a human life.
If you look at the holy books as allegory instead of literal fact, the two can coexist quite peacefully.
The literary style is heavy-handed fictional allegory.
The illustration on this sheet-music cover is an allegory of the triumph of abolitionism.

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