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There may have been a warping of the door frame that caused the door to get out of alignment.
Instead, there is a misty-eyed alignment of the state with the public interest.
Their alignment also hinted at a spine connection typical of upright-walking primates-in other words, humans and human ancestors.
Set it on the top spacers to check alignment and squareness of the modules, then set aside.
Finally, once your wheels are mounted, check their alignment.
Ray said the solar alignment was probably designed for the ritual effect rather than any scientific purpose.
They are drawn to the specific focus of the program and the alignment of their chosen program with their career goals.
The alignment of the liquid crystals in the array controls the direction in which light is reflected from them.
In fact, the site's architecture is the result of centuries of careful construction and alignment.
These images were compromised by a mirror alignment problem.
Not only are all of the vertebrae preserved, they are in almost perfect alignment.
The gate will bind against the latch post if it is out of alignment or if the frame absorbs moisture and swells.
Bones with fractures that run in a straight line can often be placed back in their proper alignment and set in a cast to heal.
The timing of the launch is critical, as missions can only occur when planets are in the correct alignment.
In case the alignment is not right, the cycle gets advanced or postponed till the right alignment.
But it's still really useful for getting your comic images in the right alignment and order.
If the alignment of the patella cannot be corrected with therapy, surgery may be an option.
Open alignment among investments in programs, and clear measures of effects and outcomes from such investments, will be necessary.
The alignment of north and south magnetic poles in a spot tells a reading head whether the spot is a zero or a one.
The result should be a stack with all five maps in alignment and all five regions demarcated by the students visible at once.
Such a high degree of alignment was not easy to achieve.
Equipment disappears, experiments are strangely disrupted, an instrument gets mysteriously out of alignment.
He disdained the fastidious and perfectionist alignment of postures that some of his rivals practised in chilly yoga studios.
Is it coincidence or some internal guidance system that cause the alignment with the horizontal and vertical mortar joints.
When the alignment was right, the light waves canceled each other out.
Alignment of instruments in flight suddenly seemed to be an engineering impossibility.
It is fundamentally in alignment with our culture to give marginal students an opportunity to fail.
It was when self-interest and national interest came into alignment that he really soared.
In practice, the alignment of interests is imperfect.
Accompanying lesson plans include historical background, supplemental activities, and alignment with national standards.
It is appropriate to see a dentist or orthodontist to treat abnormal alignment of the jaw and teeth.
It's another matter whether the degrees on offer and their uptake are in alignment with the needs of the economy.
Light concentrators at the receiving end also mean that less accurate alignment is required than what's required with lasers.
One thing that popped into my head is that many arcs are discontinuous and don't follow the same alignment their whole length.
Changes might indicate that certain bearings were about to wear out or that other parts were out of alignment.
Followers of astrology believe the alignment of stars and planets influences human affairs.
Driving the change is a new alignment in the fund's boardroom.
Others arrive unable to stand at all, because of abnormal alignment of bones and muscles.
The new paper suggests that as the crystals formed, they received a particular alignment.
Then, after the atoms are concentrated in a detection chamber, their original position can be determined by their alignment.
Radio wave pulses systematically probe small sections of tissues, knocking those atoms out of alignment.
It's this alignment that leads to instability when magnetic-memory elements are miniaturized.
Alignment of meal, snack and beverages onboard and in airport clubs.
The personal and the political are today in perfect alignment.
The alignment is perfect, and the disk is incredibly thin.
They calculated these rotations based on the alignment of magnetic material in ancient rocks.
Sitting on your wallet for long periods of time will put your back out of alignment.
Tests will be done to determine how much the eyes are out of alignment.
Safety and reliability improvements include radial tires and custom a alignment that allows proper tracking with the newer tires.
Increasingly, however, these metrics are falling into alignment.
So what you see is the character, slowly, slowly coming into alignment with the way the actor's face works.
We would never do a geographic alignment and become a bus league.
Tool to make nucleotide alignment to codon alignment.
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