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Example sentences for alight

The birds couldn't alight on the mats and his head simultaneously.
Inside a near-vacuum bulb, it stayed alight for more than half a day.
The kitchen stove was alight at all burners and pots of water boiled atop them.
Nothing in his official business looks likely to set the sky alight.
For all the seriousness of his concerns, his play is alight with comic touches.
It is an idyllic and isolated spot where migratory birds often alight for a stopover.
What matters are the ideas, not the brains in which they alight.
The members of the family take it in turn to watch and keep the fire alight.
To eat, diners descend an industrial metal staircase and alight in a small brick room with beamed and vaulted ceilings.
The devils then piled the houses and horses together and set them alight.
They started discussing the price of gas when he suddenly doused her with the fuel and set her alight.
TV and computer screens were alight, airplanes were aloft and cash machines were dispensing legal tender.
Clumps of the stuff out in space might occasionally release blazes of particles that would set the detectors alight.
The scrub jays soon learned how to alight atop the jar, pull out a peanut with their beaks, and then fly off.
They alight, grow, and flower on branches or in the notches of fallen trees.
In some cases, those wedges can burn out, and then catch alight again.
Your body is woven of ours: see that the torch is alight.
Setting itself, but not the market, alight wheelers.
Leaving aside the fracas over the police chief, he has hardly set city politics alight.
Cars were set alight, flaming barricades erected and police ambushed.
What is new, and what has set the market alight, is the lack of spare production capacity.
Kindle means to set alight or start to burn, to arouse or be aroused, to make or become bright.
The vehicles were blasted with small-arms fire and set alight.
On some days a thousand robins would alight in the treetops for an hour, then leave in a great upward rush.
Various groups have even shown that rats brains are literally alight thanks to the photons produced by neurons as they work.
And his queen stood up beside him, all beaming in her rosy goodness, her face alight with pride at his performance.
The homeowners have been feeding the goose and other waterfowl that alight at the pond.
They'll find something and alight on it for a while, and then their interest wanes and they'll go somewhere else.
They then fly to a pond together and alight on emergent vegetation.
From here you can watch the tops of hoodoos set alight as if by fire from the first rays of the rising sun.
They met with her and her attorney, removed items she did not agree to, and developed alight-duty position thats he could perform.
Photocathodes use alight source, typically a high-power laser, to extract electrons from the photocathode.
The buses are designed such that a rider uses minimal effort to board and alight from the bus.
Many species will often alight close by after an initial flurry of flying in circles.
And of course, he would need to be careful not to set his mustache alight as he bent toward the mighty blaze of his birthday cake.
The containers are filled with the solid product and then usually topped with alight puree of tomato juice.
Opacity is defined as the percentage of light transmitted from a source that is prevented from reaching alight detector.
They alight by dropping in suddenly with a great splash.

Famous quotes containing the word alight

All catches alight At the spread of spring: Birds crazed with flight Branches that fling Leaves up to the l... more
You stupefied me. We waxed, Carnivores, late and alight In the beaded winter. All was ominous, luminous.... more
The dog-wood breaks white The pear-tree has caught The apple is a red blaze The peach has already withered its own leave... more
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