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She also sees her estranged father, who alienated himself from his family with his violent temper.
Psychology, a science born to heal the ills of alienated urban.
Some people will be alienated by who you really are, while others will find you appealing.
The answer, it seems, it that people are alienated from an increasingly impersonal health care system.
We're in a science literacy crisis because people feel alienated from science.
But voters have been alienated even more by the government's handling of the economy.
She became touchy and sarcastic, alienated friends and was soon fired from her job.
The less connected people are, the more ignorant of and alienated from politics they are likely to be.
His experiments have often alienated him from those around him.
When people see each other only in silhouette, he said, they feel alienated.
Lenny is only semi-alienated from the world he finds himself in.
Phone calls weren't being returned and employees were being alienated.
It is a strange degree of indolence and sloth to suffer our minds at that time to be alienated from their proper business.
But on domestic policy, they veered so sharply to the right that they alienated one segment of the electorate after another.
They may be confused about whether to tell someone, or alienated by friends who are bullied.
Both sides will be a little more frustrated for it, a little more alienated from each other because of the experience.
Not only did he fail to bag the beast, but he also alienated the natives through his condescension and incompetence.
But they were alienated by his condescending lecturing to them.
His arrogance as a boss had alienated a number of staffers.
Bloom is indeed alienated from his entire profession.
He felt alienated from his parents and has always focussed on his work.
These are youngsters who are uniquely alienated from the communities in which they grew up.
Crowding and a decline in the overall quality of products sold at the market alienated locals.
The fighter woke up gasping for air, and spent the next few weeks feeling increasingly frightened and alienated.
And remember: these aren't people who are alienated from the system, they are the system.
Above all, voters would be less bored and alienated, and thus make wiser choices.
And they have alienated a huge section of the population.
Hence its attraction for the alienated souls of the modern age.
Others show that the president has alienated the majority of his countrymen.
He has alienated libertarians with his carelessness for civil rights.
His move into car distribution, buying some big dealers, merely alienated the others.
Another finding was that students who dated more felt more alienated.
Research has found that elderly widows are alienated, disengaged, and depressed.
The results indicated that younger blacks were more alienated from white society than were older blacks.
Actually, interaction in the conservation experiment is an alienated relationship.
People became alienated from the entrenched political power brokers who had succeeded to the upper crust of society.
According to these shows, we've become soft, feminized and alienated from the physical world.

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