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These days, an alibi would have to true as the evidence would be easy to confirm one way or the other.
The defendant has presented what is commonly known as an alibi defense.
But its whereabouts are central to his alibi.
Prosecutors said they verified her alibi.
Rosenberg is naturally determined to preserve the integrity of the alibi.
All of the houseguests turn out to have a motive for murder and a flimsy alibi.
And then Wilding, a well-off contractor who seems to have been in the dead man's debt, produces his ironclad alibi.
Both girls claimed innocence, and the police were unable to break either alibi, even though one of them was clearly lying.
Investigators have said they aren't satisfied with his alibi.
It is no longer art; it is an alibi.
He won't give players an alibi when they make mental mistakes.
In this case, there was no question of the government in Paris needing the commission as an alibi for hard decisions.
But you don't need an alibi-or an excuse-to visit one of the country's fastest growing metropolitan areas.
In the film the alibi was that the killer was at the movies.
Believing that she is dead, he proceeds to employ his knowledge of criminal activities in attempting to prove an alibi.
Kyle helps her cover-up the crime and establish an alibi.
His impulsiveness in framing an alibi for a spineless malefactor results in threatened disbarment proceedings.
Discrepancies in timelines in the case based on witness statements, alibi witnesses, fire department responses.
It can change a story from an alibi to one of consent.

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