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The company uses an algorithm to figure out how long it will take for any order, at any time of day, at any restaurant.
As their name implies, genetic algorithms employ trial-and-error to mimic the way natural selection works in the living world.
Meanwhile, these algorithms tend to see the market from a machine's point of view, which can be very different from a human's.
The decision to surface is made by an algorithm that depends on a mathematical function called a wavelet.
Those chips temporarily hold data, including the keys to modern data-scrambling algorithms.
They do that by scrambling data on the basis of a mathematical algorithm.
And lesson plans are generated by a complicated computer algorithm for the 80 students in the class.
For example, it suggests new friends using an algorithm that looks at existing ones.
Even an excellent algorithm flogs if burdened with poor data structures.
In searching engine business, you're only as good as your latest data base and search algorithm.
To get through the day, he made himself into an algorithm, a number cruncher.
Digitised and interpreted by an algorithm, this information is fed to police computers all over the world.
GE's ultra-cheap electrocardiogram, for instance, is driven by a state-of-the-art algorithm.
Its algorithm attaches an automatic weighting to every data point, according to its consistency with comparable readings.
The book never actually specifies such an algorithm, only that if you study game theory you can actually create such an algorithm.
If the algorithm didn't roughly confirm what you already knew, you'd chuck it anyway.
My algorithm incorporates metaphors and childlike humor here and there and everywhere.
More sales, more algorithm-fueled recommendations, and the positive feedback loop kicked in.
The professors harvested tweets for key words and plugged them into an algorithm to determine the mood of the broader market.
Their thoughts and actions feel scripted, as if they're following the steps of an algorithm.
Humans are destined to become algorithm-determined and defined machines.
It is also an algorithm, not a human being, so there is no room for judgment or special considerations or knowledge.
The so-called doomsday algorithm uses clever mental arithmetic and mnemonic tricks to enable a quick determination.
Virtually all encryption methods used for highly sensitive data are vulnerable to one quantum algorithm or another.
So two computer scientists created an algorithm that packages your encrypted data into an executable file of your choice.
Both sites have played an important role in supporting ocean colour algorithm development and product validation for many years.
It didn't seem to matter to them that a software algorithm-not a human being-was scanning your messages for keywords.
By measuring the brightness and orientation along several points on a contour, our algorithm estimates the light-source direction.
There's a practical reason to make your marker set thinner, the algorithm runs much faster.
But being able to use an algorithm does not imply that one understands the underpinning of that algorithm.
He couldn't do simple arithmetic either, so he couldn't use a mathematical algorithm.
Well, the market price tells us the optimal algorithm.
The algorithm was able to add four times the resolution to captured video, with no noticeable delay.
At its heart is an algorithm that deciphers and replicates the neural code that one layer of the brain sends to another.
But previous efforts used data mining or machine learning approaches to create the algorithm.
Levin developed an algorithm that can remove this uniform blur to yield a clear image.
Any user of quantum money can verify that this money is kosher using a quantum algorithm running on a quantum computer.
Now, amateur photographers can produce artfully balanced images with a new digital-processing algorithm.
For example, the digits of pi appear random but can be generated by a simple algorithm.
But the precise algorithm that governs the way ants respond to pheromones has been harder to pin down.
If such a lock is found, an algorithm rigorously determines whether the drug fits snugly into it.
The resulting algorithm is based on seven proteins and metabolites present in blood.
The researchers have created an algorithm that can detect subtle but statistically significant changes in brain activity.
First, he developed an algorithm that can distinguish walking activity-constant, alternating movement in both forelegs.
Many neuroscientists don't believe that the neocortex works on a common algorithm.
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