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Example sentences for alertness

All over town, tiny green lizards hold their heads up with notable alertness.
That's because, by cooling the brain, yawning enhances alertness and overall mental efficiency.
Many indigenous communities live in a permanent state of defensive alertness.
It is my favorite shot in the series because of the snake's alertness as it searches the air with its tongue for scents.
Equally imperative was alertness to the era's political movements.
But the impressive thing was his fellow student's alertness, which stemmed from affection.
Within a decade, some say, continuous alertness could be available over the counter.
Changing positions helps increase circulation and improve alertness.
She had been touched with a point that made her quiver, and she needed all the alertness of her will to repress her agitation.
Our body regulates everything from temperature to alertness with feedback loops.
The other half of the brain stays awake at a low level of alertness.
In contrast, the sleepy subjects showed tighter coupling with basic alertness networks in the brainstem and thalamus.
By activating the central nervous system, caffeine boosts arousal and alertness.
But perhaps patients could be quickly stimulated into alertness.
They essentially put the immune system at a higher state of alertness so that it can better detect tumor cells.
Naps are also said to be more effective than drinking caffeine for stimulating alertness.
Maybe perpetual alertness to new messages and rapid information exchange have their downside.
But the same lesson applies: it's that alertness in this arena can yield positive results.
Today's mind-altering chemicals can improve your memory, alertness, and mood.
The area also plays a role in speech, alertness, and focused attention.
Of course, having a catnap in the day does improve a wide range of mental abilities from alertness to memory.
She was startled into alertness-at first not sure where she was.
The seductiveness of her sound and the alertness of her mind successfully masked her character's disturbed aggression.
Pilots on world's longest flight have alertness monitored.
They're designed to reverse age-related cognitive decline and improve visual alertness.
He plays with good mental alertness and has a knack for finding the ball in the short area.
Sleep is a necessity for energy, alertness, health and feelings of general well-being.
And dozens of studies have linked an increase in nightly sleep to better cognition and alertness.
In the military, it's used to sharpen soldiers' alertness and cognition.
During the first few days, subjects sleeping less than eight hours admitted to being fatigued and lacking alertness.
Alertness in a big game produces a different kind of chess.
One of the first things lost to real illness isn't alertness or vigor.
Some caffeine has been shown to have health benefits such as increased alertness in healthy adults.
Decreased alertness is a state of reduced awareness.
Fever, decreased mental alertness, and abdominal pain may occur.
In addition to controlling seizures, it may help relieve depression and improve alertness.
Abnormal posturing of any kind usually occurs with a reduced level of alertness.
It also improves alertness, motor speed, and hand strength.

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