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They can map out physical dangers and act as early-warning systems to alert humans to the presence of hazardous chemicals or fire.
So alert me about the models that are working on your campus or that you think should be tried.
Sign up now to receive a weekly e-mail alert when the new audio edition is published.
Bob held the stage with his actor's baritone and theatrical chuckle, his eyes crinkled and sharply alert.
Recipe alert for those gardeners lucky enough to be able to grow rhubarb.
Ideally, obtain an introduction from someone and perhaps ask them to alert the editor that you are going to be in touch.
Night owls belie slacker reputation by staying alert longer.
She looks good, bright eyed and alert and she enjoyed the bath.
Even the plainclothes police keeping an eye on things from the tea stall across the street look more alert.
Overnight, government volcanologists have raised the alert to its highest level.
For example, the map could alert them to roadblocks to maneuver around.
These icons will alert you to spots where these resources can enhance the lesson.
Everyone in the president's office is on high alert.
They get you out of an energy slump and make you more alert.
These sites also alert you to goods and services you might not know existed.
When in coastal areas, stay alert for tsunami warnings.
In places, the road has narrow shoulders and sharp drop-offs, so stay alert.
The great thing of this website is you can setup school and program you want to receive alert notification.
They monitor the national address database, and alert you if your address changes.
It's the same notification alert you get when one of your friends changes their status.
Depends on how alert my brain is at this time of day.
Future developments could involve a car navigation system or temperature control system that helps drivers stay alert.
Sometimes you'll want to alert your students to events on campus or in the community.
Your two phones will alert you so that you can share a taxi.
In theory, the insects' movements set off an alarm to alert authorities.
Smart hydrants can also alert utilities to unauthorized hydrant openings.
Implanted under a patient's skin, such a monitor could discreetly alert him to dangerous variations in his glucose levels.
Fresh air and street noise will help keep you alert even when the subject matter doesn't.
Be alert to the substance of a response to a good question.
Traffic lights could alert cars when they are about to change, or broadcast the latest congestion update to waiting vehicles.
According to legend, his fellow monks began enjoying the drink and used it to stay alert during their lengthy nighttime prayers.
Although, it could have als been that my brain was sort of in a blank alert state.
She has such alert eyes, and her head tilts to follow me.
His aim was to alert managers to the need to deliver value to shareholders.
The staff also read dozens of respectable newspapers and magazines, antennae alert for the daft and the bizarre.
The researchers' painstaking work has helped alert the world to the species's dramatic decline.
Its mission: to detect bursts and alert astronomers worldwide.
Sometimes even computer systems will not alert a company to a problem.
The incidents put scientists and the conservation community on alert.
Alert students that some hoops indicated on their cards may also contain cones from other teams.
Every dark form in the dimness had its ominous quality, its peculiar suggestion of alert watchfulness.
Dexter hears from his colleagues that there's a homicide alert.
They may overreact to loud noises, become excessively alert and hypervigilant, and avoid reminders of the disaster.
They retreat when rocks are thrown, but their presence comforts me anyway, because of the chance they might alert us to intruders.
Radio is not the only technique by which extraterrestrials could alert others to their presence.
Stay alert, plunge out of the traffic flow into curbside parking, and sigh with relief when you're there.
These changes might be linked to the excess dopamine the sleep-deprived brain tends to fire off in an effort to help keep alert.
Better yet, use the data and alert the researcher of my alternative conclusions.
Now dogs are being trained to alert people to their impending seizures.
Ever alert, a mongoose keeps a watchful eye on its surroundings.
The nerves alert the fish's brain to minute variations that could signal a meal, a mate, or an enemy.
What's important is to be there with your eyes and mind alert and your camera ready.
If a bear raided our food, the clatter of kitchenware would wake us into rock-throwing alert.
Set up a keyword alert that specifically searches for the author's name in the by-line.
These formats send users an alert or display ad when one of their pals patronizes an advertiser.
If the patient is being offered the wrong dose or the wrong meds, an alert appears.
As has been thankfully done before, science is trying to alert the world to a potential catastrophe.
Last night her parents warned mums and dads across the country to be alert to the jab's dangers.
It can send reading to the car so that when the tire pressure gets too low, it will give an alert to the driver.
Such software, for example, can alert security staff if someone climbs over a wall.
His government issued a travel alert, which will discourage citizens from visiting the state.
Indeed, their plans will work only if markets remain alert, ready to jump on any hints of backsliding.
Some systems automatically alert the police when spray is released.
It reckons that having the creed anchored so firmly is making it more alert to both risks and opportunities.
Likewise, when it comes time to leave, to alert the car to pick me up from where ever it parked itself.
There was no tsunami alert issued and the city appeared to have been spared major damage.
Scientists have raised a five-stage alert to two steps below a hazardous eruption, which they said is possible within weeks.
Study finds mentally alert seniors have fewer accidents.
Welcome to a faster, more effective alert system for emergency situations.
What he did understand was the basic injection system-how the virus propagated itself-which alone demanded an alert.
Shrewd and alert, her unnaturally wide eyes are ringed by a thick fringe of false eyelashes.
Any alert investigator would eventually get around to wondering whether there was some connection between the two.
He is a ringmaster of language: alert to every possible twitch and roar.
Pleasant, alert, confident and sociable with humans and dogs.
Set a timer to alert you to the end of your session to frame the meditation and give it a ritualistic quality.
In the week ahead, people may mistakenly think that your relaxed appearance means you aren't alert.
Spoiler alert: information about upcoming episodes below.
Of course, pandemic-alert levels are themselves fairly arbitrary categories.
The new system isn't meant to incite panic, but rather to alert the public and call for extra caution.

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