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The processes of alchemy were usually expressed in allegorical symbols.
Surely we knew about saliva and its emotionally triggered alchemy.
It's the same transition that let us move from alchemy to atomic physics.
Through a process of legal alchemy known as double billing, lawyers can make two into four.
This is a stellar study of the alchemy of man and nature.
Attitudes so deeply rooted, so habitual and uncriticized, are not to be transformed by an alchemy of good intentions.
But he fails to perform the literary alchemy that transforms information into a believable plot and compelling characters.
Let's just hope he doesn't try to use alchemy to solve our economic problems.
But blending fashion with celebrity obsession seems like a perfect alchemy.
He also has scores of old books, many on chemistry and alchemy.
Everyday alchemy, coffee roasting coaxes golden flavor from a bland bean.
With a fiscal crunch looming, the political appeal of such financial alchemy can only grow.
The reason for this profusion is that cookbooks promise to effect a kind of domestic alchemy.
She was enchanted by the alchemy of glazes: drab when brushed on, brilliant when they came out of the kiln.
The effect was easy to dismiss as alchemy, but there had to be a good explanation.
Alchemy refers to their battery as an electric power cell.
No other poet has ever achieved quite this degree of alchemy, while gently insisting that of course alchemy is not possible.
Unfortunately, those profits are more a result of accounting alchemy than of cash flow, which was negative.
In theater, as in life, it's a mysterious but satisfying alchemy.
All this modern-day alchemy was done by remote control from behind five-foot thick walls.

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