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Good things usually come in threes but, alas, not here.
But alas, that time has passed.
But, alas, they show the effects.
Alas, no other fruit has been so radically transformed by industrial agriculture.
Alas, they all noticed it and indeed found it disgusting.
Alas, it has come to my attention that there is an animal that has killed more than all of the wolves and rattlesnakes combined.
Alas, destroying civilization with slow deaths from tumor formation probably doesn't translate well to the big screen.
The father, alas, is addicted to a drug that is harder to quit than heroin.
Alas the engine wouldn't work nor was the beer cold.
Alas, fate has taken me in a different direction in life.
Alas, as with the oil case, lower prices mean that many of the projected energy sector jobs won't materialized.
Alas for theoretical elegance, there are no empirical studies providing conclusive support for this proposition.
But here, alas, the business of the expositor must suddenly cease.
There is, alas, no record of what the subject thought of his metamorphosis into a gaunt symbol of extinction.
But, alas, they would not be the only victims of the poisonous propaganda that's been uncorked.
Alas, the others capture little of geology beyond its glacial pace.
Alas, the evidence for natural selection of skin color dissolves under scrutiny.
Alas, as happens so often with the fantasies of our childhood, much of this scenario is turning out to be wrong.
Alas, neither of our worlds are tactically complete.
But, alas, it is something different from what is now touted under this label.
Alas, he failed to record a single birdie in the finale, carding four bogeys instead.
Alas, it is a temporary deployment for a month before redeploying it elsewhere.
Alas, the fact that no-one has public come out so far says a fair bit.
Alas, his distortions were only part of the problem.
Alas, history suggests they have been a lot cheaper.
Alas, this does not guarantee that the bottom is imminent.
Alas, some of those plans are already hitting obstacles.
Steam-driven computers, alas, remain in the realm of science fiction.
Alas, a dark cloud hangs over the mood of vindication.
Alas for ambitious school leavers, universities cannot expand to accommodate them.
Alas, it turns out that the end of vaccination has unleashed new demons.
Alas, this magnificent hiring machine is sputtering.
Dizzy economic growth has not, alas, brought political maturity.
Alas, it didn't seem to yield much in the way of actual policies.
Alas, it is not clear whether the duo will actually compete.
That, alas, is a mere pittance in the context of this year's broader lending spree.
Alas, neither setting targets nor throwing money at bursaries is likely to be particularly effective at promoting social mobility.
Incremental protection of that sort is, alas, all too plausible.
Alas, such debate is inaudible amid the din of general scepticism.
Alas, as with the economy, the commentators had mistaken swagger for authentic talent.
It was even insured against police raids-but, alas, not against political change.
The euro zone's political leaders, alas, are a fractious and underwhelming lot.
Alas these measures are mostly concerned with inputs not outcomes.
Alas, that wasn't the end of it-not by a long chalk.
Alas, many firms are already sitting on cash they seem unwilling to spend.
Alas, nothing in this barrel of casuistry holds water.
Alas, much of what it does offsets the good it is trying to accomplish.
Humans, alas, may never run out of ways to behave savagely toward one another.

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