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Example sentences for alarmist

Perhaps our brains can evolve in more than one direction, which in a way refutes those alarmist researchers.
Alarmist in tendencies, yes, but it still served its purpose.
Petro's alarmist views soon became mainstream on the political right.
The moral alarmist are getting way too much attention.
Susan is on record for having promoted alarmist propaganda about climate change in her speeches.
Interest on the rising debt caused by the health-spending deficit is the other big contributor to alarmist debt estimates.
It seems alarmist and overexcited even to pose it when the realities are so clear.
So that's my thought experiment- bleak and alarmist, perhaps, but one that follows directly from the logic of this situation.
The public is starting to view the shenanigans of the alarmist scientists with a jaundiced eye.
Certainly the alarmist side has shown itself to be better at manufacturing evidence.
Probably because science journalists didn't have many other alarmist the-end-is-near stories to report.
The headline seems alarmist, and doesn't seem to match the information in the article.
It's great how the entire article basically disproves its own alarmist headline.
Alarmist rhetoric isn't peer-reviewed, repeatable, evidence.
He is a propagandist or at best, an alarmist, working for the globalist machinery.
Next time you go to see a doctor and he expresses some health concerns please call him an alarmist and ignore his advice.
If that sounds alarmist, consider some of the evidence.
Yet, amid such alarmist froth, the placid waters will still flow.
Also, governments and the media should not be as alarmist as they've been.
And generals have form in making alarmist predictions of catastrophe following rulings on human rights.
Principals and teachers are heavily biased toward the alarmist perspective.
Not known as an alarmist, he is now pressing the red alert button.
Talk of default is dismissed as alarmist by the finance ministry.
At the risk of sounding alarmist, this might a point of no return.
In fact from the report it can be as moderating on the previous alarmist talk.
Of course it makes sense to caution against alarmist, hysterical statements.
Ways in which the public debate is directed along alarmist lines are discussed.
Far from being alarmist, scientists have historically erred on the side of underestimating risk.

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