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Years of alarming decline have finally halted for a shorebird that undertakes one of the world's longest migrations.
Curious, and a bit alarming, the number of comments lamenting the length of this article.
It's a simple sight, yet fraught with alarming possibility, and that goes for the rest of the movie.
When it comes to fundamental matters of rights and the rule of law, those answers are alarming.
What's even more alarming is that some computers may be compromised even though they aren't running the suspect code.
Jobs are being lost, foreclosures are increasing at an alarming rate.
What's curious about these events is that they seem to occur with alarming regularity.
Overall, the news they gave was heartening-and alarming, too.
Second, healthcare venture funds that survived the crash had full portfolios of companies burning cash at alarming rates.
Alarming articles about food safety and inhumane raising practices.
Alarming upsurges in birth defects and cancer rates are reported even in the state-controlled press.
For an alarming six-month period, he didn't work at all.
Yet even without this necessary further stimulus, the longer-term outlook for the budget deficit is alarming.
But there's a side to this that's more alarming than the threat of tasteless meat.
Our dollar is weak, our deficit frightening, our trade balance alarming.
The picture of the poet here is rather less alarming than the one that appears in the biographies.
It's no secret that an alarming number of species around the world, especially vertebrates, are in trouble.
The warning signs are alarming even experienced hurricane watchers.
They can shed their barks at an alarming rate and can litter the forest floor quite quickly.
The steady stream of earthquakes it has produced this month do not seem to be alarming residents much.
Some of the world's semi-arid regions are turning into desert at an alarming rate.
The rain forest homes of many species are also disappearing at an alarming rate.
Sometimes, the broken taboo can be so alarming that it seems to demand attention as a social problem.
Proboscis monkeys are losing habitat at an alarming rate.
The climate change and resilience issues becoming more and more alarming issues in different part of the world.
Farmers are fattening up their animals with anchovies and sardines at an alarming rate.
Global population has grown to the point that mankind is consuming resources at an alarming rate.
The drop is alarming, but could easily be due to other human caused conditions unrelated to warming.
Yet other cultures and peoples reproduce at alarming rates.
One way to view the alarming increase is in tandem with the increase in technological progress.
However, the rate of change is alarming: it will produce challenging conditions.
People are destroying the environment and eliminating biodiversity at an alarming rate.
Today, new employees arrive on their first day with an alarming amount of know-it-all.
They argue that the figures fail to give the full alarming picture.
In the short term, however, the loss of jobs is alarming.
If the economy is to diversify beyond its natural-resources core, that is alarming.
She heard her describe steadily more alarming scenes-militiamen going from house to house, pulling people out and killing them.
But they are trying both to mitigate and publicise an alarming acceleration in the rate at which languages are vanishing.
Inconvenient people have been dying with alarming regularity.
Some people find the growing influence of globally educated elites alarming.
Inflation has retreated at a surprising and, possibly, alarming rate.
Most alarming for the networks is the drop in viewers for their traditional scripted sitcoms and dramas.
In fact there's something kind of alarming about a vegetable that weighs close to ton.
And an alarming number of those polled also had wrong ideas about other types of information being included in the equation.
There also has been an alarming increase in injuries.
You, however, display an alarming disconnect from both the reality and the rigors of logic.
These natural sugars are less alarming because they're accompanied by nutrients.
The military continues to outsource services while the cost of our military continues to skyrocket at alarming rates.
But these alarming results have not led the town government to ban dolphin meat from school cafeterias.
Prisoners have been dying and suffering injuries at alarming rates.
Our job market is now shedding jobs at a truly alarming rate, a rate measurably worse than past recessions.
The fact is a few cancer cells are not necessarily that alarming.

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