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Example sentences for alarm clock

At dawn the beeping of your alarm clock drills relentlessly into your consciousness.
Her father redesigned his alarm clock to switch on their home's furnace before he got out of bed.
Nobody buys a new fridge or alarm clock every other year, because the feature sets of those product categories are mature.
Minuscule remote, no elaborate alarm clock, no fancy programming options.
Then somebody will turn it into a talking alarm clock.
Once the alarm clock buzzed, however, the meter started running.
Forget banging the top of your alarm clock to turn it off, shoot it with a video game light gun.
But it also plays web radio, has an alarm clock, and can even store tunes on its own built-in flash memory.
Alarm clock functions and a backlit that doubles as a night light are convenient extras.
Some of these apps also include timers for setting alarms that are less jarring than the average alarm clock.
Much better, having crickets to put you to sleep and the birds for an alarm clock.
The rooms offer all guests cable television and an alarm clock.
Rooms are equipped with color television, alarm clock and private bath.
Amenities include free breakfast, coffee maker, refrigerator and alarm clock radio.
All rooms feature cable television, an alarm clock radio and free local calls.
Take it with you and you won't have to worry about misunderstanding the alarm clock in your room.
Facing it across the gently sloping field of play is a space-age press box, often compared to a gigantic radio-alarm clock.
It will tell you what the weather is, set your alarm clock or help you find a restaurant.
He was old, and could barely hear his alarm clock unless it stood three feet away from his head.
Don't forget to put your watch or alarm clock one hour ahead before retiring tonight.
What they hear is: the alarm clock on the nightstand, which is not ticking but droning.
Meanwhile, another customer arrives wishing to pawn an alarm clock.
The bottom is a digital alarm clock with a built-in flashlight.
For some, that's exactly the type of alarm clock they want.
There was an old wind-up alarm clock that sat on his bedside table.
Find out about the unusual alarm clock that rouses everyone each morning.
If you have a digital alarm clock, make sure you turn the face away from you.
There's also a shoulder-height zippered pocket for your cellular phone, watch or travel alarm clock.
He customarily uses his radio, which is equipped with a time switch, for an alarm clock.
Seniors wearying calling him in morning told him to obtain an alarm clock.
What's more telling than what was excised from the signs is the image that the ad makers swapped in instead: an alarm clock.
There exists an alarm clock that doesn't beg to be thrown against walls and through windows.
Whether or not an alarm clock will ever ring once time reaches infinity is besides the point.
Before long, he'd extended the system to control his alarm clock and stereo.
He wanted to create a wearable alarm clock that would measure brain activity and wake the user in an optimal phase of light sleep.
Maybe some sort of genetic memory in the rhizomes, or alarm clock ticking in their cells.
Rosaria woke up with a start and realized that her alarm clock had not gone off and it was already half past seven.
You're awakened by the annoying buzz of your alarm clock.
The alarm clock rings early, but you wake up excited about where you'll go for the day.
AC stated that around seven o'clock in the morning, the alarm clock on her cell phone went off.
Set your alarm clock and allow yourself time to relax.
Wake up without the alarm clock on those holiday days off.
Wright threw her pillow, took the alarm clock and threw it across the room, and then left the bedroom.
The alarm clock buzzes in another hectic weekday morning.
The snooze button on your alarm clock may not be the only casualty of a sleepless night.
And should you have a siesta, they'll also be your personal alarm clock.
Unless you plan on living another century, you might want to set your alarm clock a little earlier this week.
Even so, your personal alarm clock might wake you up to the cycles of the seasons.
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