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Door chimes serve as the device's temperature alarm signals.
Forest biologists say that none of those historic specimens have yet been afflicted by the outbreak that has caused such alarm.
Others worry that the inevitable increase in dead kangaroos will alarm the campers who frequent the island.
We looked at each other with alarm, but to our surprise my brother tried on the jeans.
But the temptation of a discovery so singular and profound, at last overcame the suggestions of alarm.
Indicative more of terror or alarm than of real danger.
Such an argument was familiar enough and could only alarm the ignorant.
If any one believes this to be needless alarm, let him think a moment.
She was sad, but no longer showing alarm in her countenance.
When the alarm that had tricked them into marriage proved to be groundless, she was angry and said bitter, hurtful things.
But the new-comer gradually began to arouse his attention, then his wonder, then suspicion and even alarm.
What they found prompted alarm, and calls for big spending on lab security.
If somebody does, an alarm is triggered, as a burglar might set off an alarm breaking into a house at night.
On the contrary, over the past couple of years it has managed to alarm all its neighbours.
Cue for alarm and despondency on both sides of the aisle.
Some of these apps also include timers for setting alarms that are less jarring than the average alarm clock.
In the meantime, the college is seeking parts to repair the existing alarm systems in individual buildings.
And if the apprehensions are correct, it is way too late for the alarm.
The reason it should alarm us all is that there is concomitant evidence that such idiocy has taken over our financial sector.
Alarm bells may ring in the minds of many trustees when they think about offshore activities or overseas partnerships.
But now the university's next would-be computer thief might be met with an alarm and a greeting from campus security.
By setting an alarm on a cell phone you can give yourself time to fully awaken on the plane before landing.
At dawn the beeping of your alarm clock drills relentlessly into your consciousness.
As usual it may have been the food companies that raised the alarm about high-salt diets.
As such, the widespread conversion of peat bogs into commercial uses around the world is serious cause for alarm.
And there is the startled jolt of adrenaline in response to the roar of a leopard--or the wail of an alarm.
It was set off by a sagging line hitting a tree, which wasn't caught because an alarm system failed.
We depend in part on watchdogs and advocacy groups to uncover these dangers and sound the alarm.
Perforce it is reasonable to be alarmed to, explain their alarm, and to insist something be done.
Over the past few decades many governments around the world have viewed this trend with alarm.
If breathing stops, movement stops and the monitor sounds an alarm.
Her father redesigned his alarm clock to switch on their home's furnace before he got out of bed.
Radioactive elements in coal and fly ash should not be a source of alarm.
Nobody buys a new fridge or alarm clock every other year, because the feature sets of those product categories are mature.
Should the blips migrate past a security boundary on the display, an alarm would immediately warn that the grid was in jeopardy.
It is a clang sound-the equivalent of setting off a nonverbal alarm.
Digital camouflage wants the eyes' ambient system to see it, register it as unimportant, and send no alarm to the brain.
Alarm spread through the scientific community as researchers realized that nearly every dose of the vaccine had been contaminated.
The master alarm went off, a loud high-to-low warble.
Now, this should set off all sorts of alarm bells to anyone who has read any news reports about employment data.
Tasker will decrease audio volume when a headset is unplugged, and play specific music for your morning alarm.
In the cinder-block motel room he set the alarm, but his own stertorous breathing woke him before it rang.
As the immigrants continue to arrive, the alarm bells have begun to ring.
Many, including me, have turned down engagement rings from eligible bachelors even as our biological alarm bells started sounding.
For the first time, birds have been shown to distinguish among and respond to monkeys' alarm calls.
For some, that's exactly the type of alarm clock they want.
Though cicada noises may sound alike to humans, the insects use different calls to express alarm or attract mates.
When you go through a metal detector at the airport with a conductor such as keys in your pocket, the alarm goes off.
He sounded the alarm and led the people to high ground, saving almost the entire village.
They say more should have been done to raise the alarm.
Spotted deer glide through the filtered shade, stopping abruptly when a troop of macaques shriek an alarm call.
If any hazardous stress occurs, data sent from the wireless sensors will sound an alarm from a nearby laptop computer.
She was nearly crying with exhaustion and alarm and some familiar sort of seeping rage.
And he made a habit of speaking up for his workers when conditions caused alarm.
But an alarm went off before they got their hands on anything.
It's about the people who are supposed to be monitoring all this and sounding the alarm-the journalists.
What's more telling than what was excised from the signs is the image that the ad makers swapped in instead: an alarm clock.
They were afraid, they believed they were in danger, though maybe it was all a false alarm.
But in both places, at both times, there are resonances that should alarm us.
Although an iPod also makes a pretty good alarm clock, and it doesn't irradiate your head as you sleep.
By utilizing no metallic components in his shoes, he was able to walk through the metal detector without causing any alarm.
He wanted to create a wearable alarm clock that would measure brain activity and wake the user in an optimal phase of light sleep.
When a problem appears, the monitors send an alarm via satellite or terrestrial wireless link.
Alarm bells should be ringing all over the place, especially in a democracy.
When that happens, a red alarm light flashes at a poolside laptop workstation and lifeguards are alerted via waterproof pagers.
Our frozen alarm and fascination carried us into the void of the dead tenement.
The younger and more handsome they are, the more they alarm parents.
In truth, there was enormous cause for public alarm.
Maybe some sort of genetic memory in the rhizomes, or alarm clock ticking in their cells.
Vervet monkeys respond to the alarm calls of superb starlings, while mongooses are well-versed in hornbill calls.
There exists an alarm clock that doesn't beg to be thrown against walls and through windows.
While the birds were caged, nearby crows circled the site and sounded alarm calls.
He has engineered mice with in-built silent alarm clocks.
Alarm bells are sounding in the minds of the logical and clear thinking and they are being ridiculed.
Coss noted that butterflies and other creatures often use false eyespots to produce alarm in predators.
Elephants will even sound a low-frequency alarm call when they encounter bees, causing other nearby elephants to back away, too.
Someone needed to start ringing the alarm bells for it to gain traction.
Thank you for taking the first step in false alarm prevention.
The alarm clock buzzes in another hectic weekday morning.
It's quite another thing to sound the alarm for an earthquake less than a minute away.

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