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And in some ways it's akin to choosing between his children.
These great, lumbering creatures of the past seem more akin to fantasy than fiction.
To post bogus reviews is akin to circulating counterfeit money: it undermines the credibility of a useful institution.
These creatures, closely akin to spiders and mites, are survivors.
After all, an interview is not akin to a doctoral defense.
The resulting paintings project a shimmering density that expresses a profound serenity that is akin to transcendentalism.
The child's fear of falling that the ballet emphasizes even seems akin to a grown-up's fear of failing.
In terms of emotion, animals are much more akin to us than is generally assumed.
Some sage observers see cyberwar as akin to the ancient game of Go.
This educational approach is akin to academic fraud.
To me, an invited talk is something akin to a keynote lecture at a conference.
It is a can't win situation- akin to trying to please greedy venture capitalists with a long-range plan.
We who work as adjunct faculty are akin to migrant labor.
Featuring a book on your bookshelf is akin to displaying a trophy.
He even seemed to develop an understanding of absence, something akin to the concept of zero.
That's no ordinary libel-it's more akin to the blood variety.
The power-generating reaction creates a benign by-product akin to soapy water.
The former is more akin to doodles than to any formal structured writing style in both content and length.
The process is akin to using extremely fine-grained sandpaper as a sharpener.
Ideally, the entire sky spectrum would be monitored by receivers akin to colossal police radio scanners.
There is an ego-swallowing required of great waiters and waitresses, akin to any service job.
Some ant nests are so enormous that they are akin to the skeletons of whales.
Specialists are essential, but they need generalists to keep them grounded in something akin to reality.
However, eradicating mosquitoes to solve these diseases is akin to having a surgeon use a sledge hammer to remove a brain tumor.
The problem is akin to what happened in early set theory.
It's akin to a hundred tennis players serving a ball to you and you return everyone with with a quick effortless ease.
More exotic ideas involve employing high-powered lasers or ejecting a series of tiny relay devices, akin to messages in a bottle.
The symptoms and feelings, that there is something alive under the skin, seems to be akin to faulty brain maps of other disorders.
It is akin to corporations solely focused on profit.
The problem is akin to joining a rope to a cement wall.
It gives me a lovely feeling, which is akin to power.
In particular, he wondered whether or not a computer could be programmed to acquire something akin to consciousness.
It's akin to phasing out an old product in favor of a new one.
They're short, high-pitched and relatively weak, akin to those produced by prey moving their bodies or legs.
If you were sucked into a near perfect vacuum of space, your blood would in fact do something akin to boiling.
Yet this grossly disproportionate flogging punishment, akin to torture, cries out for condemnation.
They are even presented as natural laws akin to those of mathematical physics or evolutionary biology.
The marriage of on-off to yes-no meant that circuits could carry out something akin to logic.
Otherwise, it's akin to asking someone to officiate a football game wearing a blindfold.
It's akin to making yourself a set of keys in advance for locks that are going to be sold far and wide.
Burton is an incredible talent, whose films are always akin to beautifully stylized paintings.
It would seem that putting a robot onto a bike would be a pointless exercise akin to putting gas-powered horses before a carriage.
Because of her previous views, each swing of her pendulum was akin to a celebrated defection to an enemy camp.
Pastry-making, he insisted, was a science closely akin to mathematics.
The result is more akin to an arms race, with everyone running to stand still, than a recipe for increasing prosperity.
Giving money to charity is thus more akin to conspicuous consumption than it is to blatant benevolence.
In other words, the threat they pose to other planes in the sky and property on the ground is akin to a bird strike.
To the music industry, this reluctance is akin to condoning piracy.
He tends to think of newspapers as akin to pay-television outfits.
For decades official propaganda had lambasted capitalism as akin to cannibalism.
Some levy fees on certain products, akin to bottle deposits, to ensure they are disposed of safely.
The combination of a carrier aircraft and a spaceship to get into space is akin to building a two-stage rocket.
But the ultimate ambition of economics is for something more akin to anatomy.
Something akin to a corporation will have to co-ordinate the next society's economic resources.
That's because his skin has transformed from a coffee-brown complexion to one more akin to coffee with heavy cream.
In the pre-digital music world, acquiring music below the mainstream radar involved something akin to a treasure hunt.
Its concept is akin to a night at a retro supper club.
That's akin to looking at what's left on the cutting room floor rather than at the movie, then giving it a half-star rating.
So getting him back on the court will be akin to adding an elite fantasy center.
The wreath of fur is somewhat akin to wearing a woolen scarf at the peak of summer-a hot and heavy burden around the neck.
Cosmic strings, the theories state, are imperfections in space-time akin to the cracks that form as water freezes.
The zany pattern has scientists baffled, as they were expecting to see daytime temperatures more akin to an off-center bull's eye.
Their three-week mission was akin to that of a doctor giving a patient a long-overdue physical exam.
It should be something akin to a vibrant and muscular fitness of the human mind and spirit.
Instead, he'll leave behind a situation more akin to a three-state standoff primed to explode in a new bout of violence.
The two motor-skills tasks used to measure actual impairment were akin to connect-the-dots, but slightly more complicated.

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