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In earlier days, campers were built with center-rear doors and center aisles.
Several people wondered why I didn't have my brother walk me down the aisle.
It snaked along a main aisle and continued around the corner.
Stockley recalled, most of his first-year classes were so full he had to sit in the aisle.
They were given ideal seats, the window and aisle in a two-person row.
She prefers aisle seats because she can lean over the aisle for more room.
The scientists filed down the center aisle to pews reserved for them at the front of the church.
Something that, in the current healthcare debate, should appeal to everyone on both sides of the political aisle.
On the screen we see two white-coated technicians hustling a third technician up the aisle and out of the room.
After take off a cart, complete with cash register, rolled down the aisle.
OK, now this has gotten silly from both sides of the aisle.
Once he'd caught her staring at him down the aisle of lettuces and artichokes.
She was blocking up the whole goddam traffic in the aisle.
Yes there is a lot of delusion going around on both sides of the aisle.
Juniper berries can be found in the spice aisle at supermarkets.
The bright and brilliant cliché of this life shines down the central aisle.
The innovations they offered were not enough-the first twin-engine, twin-aisle, wide-bodied airliner with a two-pilot crew.
It is made in that humdrum aisle where the cans are kept.
The revolving door spins the same for those on both sides of the political aisle.
Listen to the political rhetoric on both sides of the aisle.
When you reach across the aisle you come back with three fingers.
Some irresponsible people, on both sides of the political aisle, think that a temporary shutdown would not matter all that much.
Politicians from both sides of the aisle have joined the call for a snap election.
It is a good sign when participants, usually found on opposite sides of the aisle, can come to agreement.
Lower the seatbacks, and second-row seats also slide forward to create a small aisle to steerage.
And his obstinate struggle with those whiskers is enough to roll you into the proverbial aisle.
More than three-quarters are single-aisle jets used for domestic flights.
Many top lobbying firms in this city now make a point of employing people from both sides of the political aisle.
At check-in, ask for an aisle seat, which will give you a bit more space.
Try to get an aisle seat for easy access to both the bathroom and the aisles.
It's not too friendly to my side of the aisle, but it's interesting reading.
But there are clearance sales in every store and deep discounts down every aisle.
Both sides of the political aisle agree that health-care spending is growing at an unsustainable rate.
At the supermarket, they send a shopping cart skirting down the aisle.
In route, he turned down an aisle known as the seasonal aisle.
It is illegal to pile snow into an accessible parking space or access aisle.
Folding bikes are welcome inside the bus, provided they fit underneath the seat and can be kept out of the aisle.
He instructed the forklift operator to move the forklift into the next aisle.
The outline of the aisle shall be marked or otherwise identified.

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