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Branches and twigs became the walls and roofs of open, airy homes.
To let: bijou residence, airy and well-ventilated, patio garden.
Here's something which was light and airy but intellectually stimulating--ephemeral but patentable.
Meatballs are surprisingly light and airy, with a sauce forcefully studded with garlic cloves and shards of olive.
His rumbling low notes and airy higher ones, suggested sounds of nature.
It might as well be a dream, it's so light and airy.
Cheerful colors and lots of windows give the new kitchen an open, airy feel.
Crisp, light, and airy meringues get filled with strawberry frozen yogurt for a special occasion.
Light and airy, these souffl├ęs are the perfect finale for a romantic evening.
Instead, mirrors add an airy elegance as they reflect light.
Rooms have a light and airy atmosphere and come with standard amenities and a complimentary breakfast buffet.
All rooms have a light and airy atmosphere with a seaside decor.
Rooms have ample natural lighting, making them feel open and airy.
It is so light and airy and it stays soft for several days.
The soft hues of its murals-pink, pale blue and white-give the nave an airy feel.
The voice talent is great, if a bit airy, and the audio track is peppered with sound effects that add depth to the story.
The city is remarkably bright and airy, given its size and importance.
It's to the point and practical with nothing airy fairy.
Rents rooms with private baths and apartments and suites-big and airy and excellent value.
My apartment is reached via a dark and moody corridor, but the digs themselves are delightfully spacious and airy.
It had lost the fine, airy lightness the mounds have in warm weather.
Today, airy cottages with lawns and fruit trees built for the workers still dominate the streets.
Since he did not expect to win the election, he came to office with some grand, airy and potentially expensive promises.
The offices are bright, airy and dotted with flowers, in contrast to the usual workplace oppression.
For an artist whose work suggests serious daydreaming, the airy location couldn't be more appropriate.
Let's not get mired in some airy fairy philosophical discussion.
Our blogger worships airy philosophical points that are not moored to the harms that social security reeks.
It manages to be both airy and cosy, with a dark wood interior and floor-to-ceiling windows facing the street.
Airy and creepy, it helped set the dark tone to the movie.
Continue adding remaining manioc flour and liquid until you have a thick but airy puree.
The space is large, airy, and conducive to relaxation.
Thus the greenhouse effect is not some airy and speculative attempt to explain some mysterious correlation.
The late paintings have an airy lightness and a lyricism for which there is no precedent in a half century of the artist's work.
It sat directly above the cafeteria, which is now an airy two-story atrium.
He laid out an airy, spacious studio with a resilient dance floor.
Theirs are the airy castles which are set upon foundations of sapphire.
Where winter's never felt by that sweet airy legion.
The result is a sheltered but almost seamless house that resembles an airy garden pavilion.
For fun, top these airy coffee cookies with a single espresso bean.
Normally, they're pulled back to create one bright, airy room.
It would give the hefty table top an airy lofty feel.
Rooms are bright and airy decorated with tranquil colors and comfortable, contemporary furniture.
Potted olive trees line balconies, and windows afford glimpses of minimalist kitchens and airy rooms decked with art.
There's a reason the perfect burger bun is tasteless, thin and airy: it gets in the way.
These soft and airy sweet potato rolls are perfect for the job.
Airy seeks dismissal or stay of the federal declaratory judgment action.

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