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The words in it are chiefly neologisms, e g, airplane.
The coat also doubles as a blanket on any airplane flights.
Airplane pilots rely upon checklists to ensure that both routine procedures and emergency responses are handled appropriately.
In the machine shop, a wooden model airplane is being worked on by two students.
Fat people are not oppressed because they have to pay more for insurance, or have to buy an extra seat on an airplane.
Leave your phone in airplane mode, or even off, as much as possible.
Many of the collections are catalogs of specimens: fish skeletons, fossilized plants, airplane models.
He told us that some one had recently flown an airplane under the span.
It's also pretty unusual to look down the length of an airplane and not notice a human being in one of the seats.
And yet airplane electronics, or avionics to use the technical term, do not routinely squawk or fail.
Part of training is to keep an eye out for places to put the airplane down if your engine should die.
The public doesn't want to be subjected to people talking on their cell phones on an already over-packed airplane.
Experiencing an airplane stalling is normally a memorable experience.
Many of us feel anxious before getting on an airplane, but some people truly panic when they fly.
That's because today's airplane fuels are low in sulfur, and power plants now dominate sulfur dioxide emissions.
Such artificial lightning is useful in studies of airplane and power line sensitivity to the discharges.
Airplane manufacturers have been changing over from aluminum to advanced composite materials.
The laws of quasi-steady-state aerodynamics easily explain the lift capabilities of rigid airplane wings.
They hurricane hunters drop the dropsonde out of the airplane, and it lands in the ocean.
But hotel rooms and airplane seats also have near-zero marginal costs.
T was known from the start that fire took the airplane down.
Such a tradeoff would make it likelier that some airplane, somewhere, would be blown up.
When the human pilot took over, the absence of the autopilot gave him full control over the airplane's rudder.
One in a helicopter and the other the next day in a fixed-wing airplane.
He is the fellow who tried but failed to light his shoe on fire in an attempt to take down a civilian airplane.
Notice the little airplane symbol at the top of the search results.
The pressurized air inside an airplane gives many people problems with their ears.
Airplane turbulence isn't as dangerous as it might seem.
If your carry-on bag isn't your sole piece of luggage on an airplane trip, you must carefully.
Time for a slightly bittersweet piece of airplane art.
Everyone has a theory on what the best method is for boarding an airplane.
The principal difference between an airplane and a glider is its power source.
Although traveling by airplane is the fastest way to make a long trip, time spent aboard can seem long and boring.
Always read the fine print when purchasing an airplane ticket.
With the proliferation of electronics today, it is impossible to determine what might pose a risk to the airplane.
Tiffany's in the window didn't have jewels but exquisite airplane parts.
He can counsel the would-be airplane mechanic on finding the best places for apprenticeship.
The narrator asked his father for an airplane engine.
What can you see from your airplane, the interviewer demanded.
Everyone on an airplane wonders if his or her flight will arrive, or works to banish the thought.
Tells about the various theories propounded as to why the airplane dropped from the sky.
On the floor whirred a gigantic unshielded fan that seemed designed to cool an airplane hangar.
My mission now is not to forget about it altogether and leave it on the airplane.
Possibilities include self-healing medical implants, cars, or even airplane parts.
But one high profile airplane crash a decade that kills far fewer people causes many people to fear flying.
Growing up, he loved to tinker with mechanical things and was delighted to receive a model-airplane kit for a birthday.
One day travelers were clicking lighters the second they were off an airplane, the next day they were speed-dialing.
The first attempts at creating flying cars were fairly simple-install an airplane engine and two wings on a regular car.
Airplane wings, wind turbines, and boat rudders are so smooth they invite you to run your hand over them.
When you hear an airplane rumbling overhead, you can freeze, or you can take a step.
To someone standing there, you'd pop out of thin air screaming eastward nearly as fast as an airplane.
Moving about the airplane, before takeoff, to talk with each other.
Speed was comparable to the speed of an airplane, perhaps a bit faster.
If he had been, he might have been the one who built and flew the first successful airplane.
To my surprise now, he was unaccompanied in the airplane.
He had stayed up all night on the airplane, trying to memorize his lines.
He thought of doing the sequence with a model airplane, but decided it would look crummy.
There are less degenerate ways to solve the problem of airplane noise, an annoyance rapidly evolving into a menace.
Many dispute the image and say it's merely an airplane.
Citing increased risk in airplane and railroad car.

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