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As a result of equipment failure, the airliner lands safely on monastery grounds.
We woke up in our luxury airliner to the smell of coffee.
Bustards are kind of the airliner version of turkeys-heavy bodies but strong fliers.
It's not the first time that an airliner has been powered by biofuel.
The same applies to an airliner's pilot, co-pilot and crew.
It takes a lot more than that to bring down a modern airliner.
No, these are the real thing: convicted of blowing up an airliner and of killing tourists with a bombing campaign at hotels.
Have to agree with what others have already said here, this is a contrail from a airliner.
The amount of damage a commercial airliner can sustain and survive is both amazingly high, and amazingly low.
Perhaps you should show how a bomb should be made in order to take down an airliner.
Airlines around the world will change their training programs to enforce habits that might have saved the doomed airliner.
Five such stations will line the cabin of the airliner-turned-patrol bomber.
It can be difficult to know for sure what can and cannot be carried on an airliner these days.
Little wonder, then, that a typical airliner has to be repainted every five years or so.
After years of decline, as car and airliner relentlessly advanced, high-speed trains are fighting back.
Launching a new airliner is a complicated and risky business.
First, a wholly automatic pilotless airliner would have to be built and shown to be safe.
Although this is a dramatic case, it still exemplifies the horrible airliner system.
Yes, engine failures will happen from time to time, and a contained engine failure is no big problem for a modern airliner.
The realistic exercise will simulate an airliner crash and test emergency response.
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