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Flatter yourself then no longer, that half an hour's airing in your carriage deserves the name of exercise.
Well, he'd think that lunatic looked peaked, and he'd take him out for an airing.
For an airing of such divisions, all you need to do is review the debate on display at this week's conference on reliability.
Polarization results, in part, when people believe their points are blocked from a public airing by the other side.
In the first airing of her remarks, people listened to hear if what she was saying was racist or not.
Indeed, there's something suspect about a logic that says that airing more commercials will bring more people to your side.
He apologizes to all who found its airing objectionable.
Even the modern theory that the dinosaurs were exterminated by an asteroid impact gets a skeptical airing.
So airing the story before the primary was the right call if, that is, you think the story was worth airing.
And the remake will be forever haunted by the original, simply because they are airing so close together.
He is also not afraid of airing the odd radical idea.
Some state-controlled newspapers have, however, been airing scepticism.
Their half-truths and distortions, say their opponents, get an easy airing abroad.
The online retailer, determined to see four years' worth of discovery and depositions receive an airing in court, is appealing.
And there may be other factors at play here that have not yet been given an airing.
E-mail had become a newfangled party line for airing grievances and comparing notes.
Two small but plucky opposition newspapers give an airing to the peccadillos of the party duopoly.
In the reporting of climate change, as in the reporting of pretty much everything else, bad news gets a better airing than good.
Matters have not been helped by the public airing of divergent views from officials.
She was a regular on panels of extreme right-wing publicists speculating about conspiracy theories and airing their anti-Semitism.
In addition to airing live, each webinar will be recorded and viewable after it completes at your convenience.
In addition to airing live, the webinar will be recorded and viewable at a later date and linked from this web page.
Other than the excerpts, the interview will be embargoed until airing.
We may not share his approach to airing a grievance, but the grievance itself feels familiar.

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