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Example sentences for airflow

Slope also affects airflow: warm air rises, cold air sinks.
New research shows that, unlike cigarettes, smoking marijuana from time to time may even increase lung airflow rates and capacity.
Houses were designed with airflow in mind-- more windows, higher ceilings.
The jagged edge mixes the airflow coming out of the jet engine in a way that reduces turbulence.
Hidden cracks, particularly those in attics and crawlspaces, can permit as much airflow as an open window.
However, employing boundary-layer ingestion means the airflow into the engine is not uniform.
Everything is done to ensure the best airflow across circuits, drives and power supplies.
The transition to autorotation is perilous, though, because it involves a reversal of the airflow through the blades.
Dust that cools a desert can change local airflow patterns and lessen the amount of rain that falls in surrounding areas.
The job of the choke is to reduce the airflow to the combustion chamber and increase fuel intake.
Studies of airflow can also guide responses to terrorism.
They also produce an array of consonants by partially obstructing airflow within the mouth.
The wings' ability to monitor airflow depends on tiny hairs that cover their surfaces.
As a result, the upward motion was rapidly decelerated by the high speed airflow impacting against the foam.
Do not use bulb in enclosed or airflow restricted area.
More important than anything else is having proper airflow under and through the floor.
In fact, only the airflow over the root resembles a conventional laminar flow.
Those formations arise from the strong cooling effects of airflow over a plane's propeller blades or a jetliner's wing.
Space toilets use fans to create airflow that pulls urine down the drain, to be either recycled or ejected from the vehicle.
All the while you are sweating, fans help cool you because the airflow increases evaporation.
Wind turbines function best in wide-open spaces where they can capture airflow unobstructed by buildings or mountains.
If it's almost always in the sun, find some way to shade it without messing with the airflow around it.
There is a basic airflow standard that should be met.
The cables are obsessively folded and tucked, origami-style, for minimal clutter and maximum airflow.
Increased airflow reduces back pressure, boosting fuel efficiency and power.
It lets upi mix and direct airflow more ways than you get in other cars.
It has a revised intake port design that enhances airflow to the combustion chambers.
The tailgate spoiler has been modified by the addition of side elements to control airflow more efficiently.
To block their draft, you must switch off airflow into the car.
Asthma attacks can last for minutes to days, and can become dangerous if the airflow is severely restricted.
The devices may also improve airflow for some patients with severe apnea.
Arrange a metal rack on a sheet pan with sides and place the meat on the rack, to allow airflow.
There's a single, large pushbutton to cycle through all the various airflow-direction options.
Three big climate control knobs sit below the display screen, for fan speed, temperature and airflow direction.
Engineers focused on making the underbody as flat as possible to smooth airflow under the car and reduce noise.
Together they can identify airflow deficiencies, develop solutions, and implement fixes and upgrades.
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