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Icon aircraft has made aviation history before even finishing the final design of its first airplane.
Certain occupational courses such as nursing and aircraft maintenance are much more rigid and consistent across instructors.
When the sun goes down, the aircraft loses superheat.
He lives alone in a house in mid-city that is dominated by a piano the size of an aircraft carrier.
The highest level, though, is projection-the ability to predict which aircraft are coming in and when.
No one has even commented on the propulsion system which is what has limited aircraft improvement since the first powered flight.
These eddies of air can push plane wings in opposing directions, jostling an aircraft as a boat on wavy waters.
Other aircraft took over the search at first light, scanning the site for hints of movement.
Whereas humans strive to minimize turbulence over aircraft wings, dragonflies' wings deliberately generate and exploit turbulence.
Back comes an order for aircraft to dissipate the cloud.
During that conflict, they were used as scout aircraft and for bombing raids.
Ice builds up on aircraft in two ways: in flight or on the ground.
Building jet engines out of superconducting materials may offer a way to lower aircraft emissions in the long run.
The idea of deploying bombs and grenades from aircraft was not new, the question was how to do so accurately.
Even the process of calculating the odds of a meteorite striking an aircraft is filled with uncertainties.
The chips could have uses in ultraprecise sensors for aircraft and in quantum computing.
Mysterious holes in clouds made by aircraft may owe their huge sizes to a little bit of heat, a new study suggests.
Fortunately, aluminum is easy to recycle and a beverage can might even find a new life as an aircraft or automotive part.
We know how to insert the aircraft into atmospheric hypersonic flight.
And while earlier versions of the aircraft were covered in odd-looking antennas, the latest aircraft are far less conspicuous.
And, the aircraft have to fly into the icing to detect it.
Executives say they cannot gauge the impact on delivery schedules of commercial aircraft until a thorough review is completed.
But for makers of military aircraft, the threat of defence-spending cuts is a worrying signal on the radar.
For smaller aircraft, an emerging green alternative is lightweight fuel cells for use in aircraft such as micro-jets.
Some people even argue that they could be used as cover by enemy aircraft in time of war.
No aircraft has ever flown that fast with an air-breathing engine.
It is used in jewelry, aircraft spark plugs, and lab crucibles.
Oh, also don't forget the random chevron distribution that gives aircraft better fuel efficiency.
Spacecraft versus military aircraft is a bit of a false dilemma, anyway.
Consider this, the engineer who designs a safer, more efficient aircraft wing would deserve to receive credit for his design.
Much the same could be said of our anti-aircraft defenses.
The fight lasted four hours and didn't end until aircraft showed up and started strafing the perimeter of the base.
One afternoon his aircraft was grounded because the pilot he regularly flew with had an ear problem.
Anti-aircraft systems crown the neighboring buildings.
Fleets of robotic aircraft could improve weather forecasts.
Given the slowdown in the commercial-aviation business, the idleness of some sections of the huge aircraft factory is no surprise.
The aircraft can be controlled from a ground control station.
The military should be able to move the system on a semitruck or an aircraft carrier, he says.
Another material could render stealth aircraft invisible at night-and invisible to radar night and day.
They might find a niche for lightweight, flexible solar cells in aircraft and drones.
It could also be mixed with polymers or metals to make materials for use in aircraft fuselages, cars, and buildings.
Fleets of robotic aircraft could improve weather forecasts.
It is possible, that with even larger aircraft, that a plug of this size might be available.
Perhaps it would make better wings for aircraft and drones that have to loiter in an area and allow them to carry higher payloads.
The term experimental aircraft carries an ominous suggestion of danger.
How to apply for aircraft registration or exemption.

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