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Everyone east of them has been choking on their airborne filth for generations.
His radio was on the fritz, but never mind: while airborne he would communicate with us on the ground through a series of kicks.
The visitors find a fantasia of airborne and seaborne creatures in a habitat about the size of a small college campus.
There were reports that other units of the two famed airborne divisions were moving into the area.
Many airborne particles fall to the floor when moistened.
Yet he can go airborne when he needs to: he rouses his troops by shrieking and hopping around from tree to rock.
Nonetheless, the show takes some time to get airborne.
The set is made up of huge disks and squares, airborne geometry.
It's easy to get airborne when you don't weigh much.
Flying frogs, leaping lizards, airborne squirrels-a host of creatures employ gravity-defying means of travel.
These pieces of cake were never airborne-or on the dog's face.
He argued that it couldn't be airborne because it didn't affect the lungs.
Small animals and insects are thus restricted to making high-frequency airborne sounds.
She sails across the savanna, often airborne, a symphony of speed and grace.
Clouds form when water droplets condense around airborne particles, such as dust and sea salt crystals.
Variations in its color, such as the dark streaks at right, are caused by clouds or airborne particles.
How insects first became airborne remains a mystery.
Polarized light attracts airborne mayflies to water.
When sunlight hits these chemicals, they form airborne particles and ground-level ozone-or smog.
They can fly and launch themselves airborne with an abrupt, noisy takeoff, but typically run from trouble.
The frontline weapon for this electronic war is a new airborne jamming system currently in development.
There's also radar gear to give drones a better line of sight down to the ground for airborne spying.
As a result, the population is still exposed to dangerous concentrations of airborne pollutants.
One of the first projects to use the network will monitor airborne pollution near industrial sites.
The robot's light would change slowly from yellow to blue if it detected an increasing amount of airborne alcohol.
One advantage to connection, especially airborne or even in an airport, is the reduction in overall stress.
Should there be a lull in the wind, the dynamos can be used in reverse as electric motors, to keep the generator airborne.
The company envisages modules ranging from rural hospitals and disaster-relief centres to luxury airborne cruise-ships.
Once airborne, and thus able to observe trees to the side of their glide-paths, some of the snakes turned towards them.
The company envisages modules ranging from rural hospitals and disaster-relief centres to luxury airborne cruise ships.
The company plans to fit these sniffers on airborne drones, too.
Computer viruses are now airborne, infecting mobile phones in every part of the globe.
Tomorrow's blimps may well play a much more serious role: airborne surveillance.
They can become airborne again as people walk around in a tainted room.
Even airborne lipids from visitors' skin can pose a danger, mitigated by a strict regulation on the number of viewers.
The machines doing the grunt work loosen the dust and send it airborne where workers can breathe it in copiously.
The only possible problem is that it is a fine powder which might be breathed through the nose when it gets airborne.
Staff may not be infectious enough to warrant it in the end, but a resistant, airborne contagion might be.
Though these land-based robots may seem a bit more primitive than their airborne cousins, they are catching up quickly.
The sickness moved from room to room, hall to hall, in a pattern that suggested it was caused by an airborne microbe.
Known as late blight, the fungus spreads easily among plants by airborne spores.
Despite these successes, the news isn't good for the airborne laser program.
The dragonfly's skill as an airborne hunter is famous.
Several organic chemists have scoffed at the step-by-step change of dmso into airborne dimethyl sulfate.
But its square body and abundance of horizontal surface area help keep it airborne.
It would have made sense for an animal worming through the ground to seal over its ears, since it would hear few airborne sounds.
It needed height to get airborne, but it could manage with surprisingly little.
Once airborne, the wing unlocks and begins feathering through gusts.
The team will use surface and airborne instruments to probe the depths.
Such cracks have been seen before, but never mapped in such detail using airborne observations.
Its nose contained turbinates, curled pieces of bone that support the cells needed to detect airborne scents.
The image, which depicts an airborne helicopter, turns out to be a photograph of a helicopter that was not yet in flight.
He had been airborne for nine hours and twenty-eight minutes.
The hills were laced with dug-out emplacements where guns could be camouflaged from airborne spotters.
Airborne anthrax and hijacked planes are little more than a murderous tease compared with the prospect of rogue nukes.
But whether they can prevent airborne attacks is debatable.
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