airboat in a sentence

Example sentences for airboat

In the airboat section of the game, splashing leaps on water contrast noticeably with cruising over slick mud.
The vacation included nature trails, an airboat ride, a swamp buggy tour and a professional storyteller in the evening.
Take an airboat ride across the lake or explore the lake via canoe or kayak.
Here guests have a choice of many entertainment options, including fishing, hunting and airboat rides.
Adrenaline-junkies can take a wave-jumping airboat ride on the river during the summer season.
Airboat arrives at staging point from the marsh debris field.
Sling load of debris ready to load onto airboat for transport.
At other times low water extremes have resulted in closures to airboat use.
In addition to airboat and helicopter training, the students also practiced media relations.
While the airboat crews are ready to respond, those who live on or near the ice should always consider ice safety.
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