air pump in a sentence

Example sentences for air pump

The machine at the top is the air pump for aeration.
All you need is a powerful air pump and a large pressure tank.
Don't rely on the tire gauge at a gas station air pump.
On the left is a battery pack to power the air pump on the right.
The easiest way to add air to the water would be to use a air pump that one uses to get oxygen to fish in an aquarium.
Inflatable boats should have an air pump, bucket for bailing, and patch kit.
The air pump supplies compressed air for the brake system.
Connect a small air pump with the tube under and up through the model to the funnel opening.
In replacing an air pump with an electric pump that was leaking naphtha, an explosion occurred.
If boats with inflatable components are used on the trip, an air pump or pumps.
Aquariums should be removed from the treatment site or covered with heavy plastic and the air pump turned off.
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