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Many of their students lack a fundamental understanding of how air pressure works.
The turbine turns because the air pressure on one side of the blade is higher than the other side.
Warm, moist air over tropical or subtropical seas rises, causing a zone of lower air pressure beneath it.
It can be redesigned for high performance by simply increasing the air pressure and the outlet valve size.
There was also concern about differences in air pressure zones causing it to flip or veer suddenly.
Stars twinkle due to random variations in air pressure.
Blowing into the bottle raises the air pressure again.
Any slight change in wind speed or air pressure can result in a failure to launch.
Elicit from students that the instrument measures air pressure.
Because of the low air pressure, the body overcompensates and speeds up its blood circulation.
The result is that interior air pressure will be lowered and outside air will make its way back in through any available gap.
The same gear also gathered data on air pressure and humidity, but those factors had little effect on infrasound transmission.
Satellites can now reveal everything from air pressure to temperature to humidity.
As you descend, the wire is pulled out and it spins the spindle and creates an air pressure.
Stagnant high air pressure depresses sea level, plus spin imparted by the gyre.
When the air pressure gets high enough, the space between the molecules get small and the air gets difficult to further compress.
Air pressure is pushing and stretching it taut, but from the outside rather than the inside.
Then it would begin monitoring a network of seismic, radiation, and air pressure sensors for signs of nuclear explosions.
Science has long toyed with the deadly potential of air pressure and sound.
The air pressure in the middle ear is usually the same as the air pressure outside of the body.
While the air pressure is varied, a sound with a fixed tone is directed at the eardrum and its energy is measured.
These devices automatically customize air pressure for the individual patient.
The presence of nitrogen in the blood stream causes bubbles to form in the blood when air pressure is too rapidly decompressed.
Air pressure changes are caused by storms, which are areas of low air pressure, moving across the country.
The centers of all storms are areas of low air pressure.
As a plane takes off and lands, rapid air pressure changes inside the cabin increase the pressure in the middle ear.
Central air pressure readings, not wind speeds are used because pressure is a more accurate representation of a storm's power.
Due to the air pressure in the cabin, even a small amount of alcohol can increase the affects of jet lag.
Temperature and air pressure are not directly related.
When the pressure outside the building suddenly dropped, the higher air pressure inside the building would push out the walls.
Warm ocean currents mix with increased air pressure in an abrupt reversal of atmospheric and sea conditions.
Rising air cools at the regular rate because it is moving into lower air pressure aloft, and expending.
The storm's center, which is an area of low air pressure.
Cabin air pressure can cause ear discomfort and pain for both babies and adults.
As a real tornado's vortex spins, it causes the air pressure to drop inside.
Swallowing will help ears adjust to air pressure changes.
Others trigger a warning light when air pressure is too low.
Air pressure would affect the rates of photosynthesis, and in turn plant growth.
Air pressure and cloud type are independent of each other.
Letting up on the brake pedal reduces the air pressure and releases the brakes.
Air pressure is the measure of the weight of the air.
The pressure at the surface of the water is air pressure.
The fan pulls air out of the house, lowering the air pressure inside.
The reduction of air pressure from the diving cylinder to the diver is accomplished in two steps.
Local changes in air temperature result in local differences in air pressure.
As you go higher in the atmosphere, there is less air pressure.

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