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Central air conditioning and better access for handicapped users are other long-overdue improvements.
If one is using air conditioning, then incandescent lights contribute to cooling costs.
Air conditioning units between rows of equipment help improve cooling efficiency in this simulation.
Mfg includes commercial fertilizer, furniture, air conditioning and heating.
But in hot weather the bees have another job: apiary air conditioning.
The air conditioning, the elevators and the phones were operating erratically.
Collect sunlight and extract useful forms of energy from it, rather than expending energy on air conditioning.
Both are sweating, even though there's nothing wrong with the air conditioning.
We then turn off the air conditioning in the rest of the house for the entire night.
Our room faced south and there was of course no air conditioning in that hot hot southwestern climate.
All rooms have air conditioning and small refrigerators, and some rooms share a bath.
Modern bathrooms and kitchens, air conditioning, and cable television are included with the nightly fee.
Deluxe rooms have full, en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning.
All of the guest units are equipped with amenities such as cable television, air conditioning and direct-dial telephone.
Rooms in the historic wing are available with or without air conditioning, a balcony and satellite television.
All rooms have air conditioning and cable television.
All of them come with plasma screen television, telephone and air conditioning.
Standard in-room amenities include satellite televisions, bottled water, tea- and coffee-making facilities and air conditioning.
The heat was removed from the sealed water system through an in-room radiator: room air was cooled by normal air conditioning.
Yet they're less likely to have access to air conditioning or cars.
If sufficiently pressurised it can act as it's own refrigerant when used for air conditioning.
Here in the tropics it is air conditioning that consumes so many kilowatts of electrical power.
Energy demand for air conditioning will rise in the summer but heating demand will fall in the winter, which could reduce.
Various engineers must figure out how to make the lights, air conditioning, ventilation and power work.
Air conditioning of the equipment housed in the nearby hubs also takes up substantial amounts of energy.
Based on their usage, a more efficient air conditioning system could cut their energy use in half.
The base model comes sans air conditioning and power windows, but those amenities are available in deluxe models.
If all else fails, learn plumbing and air conditioning repair.
The electricity generated to power air conditioning carries both global and personal health consequences.
Trade winds instead of air conditioning, whistling frogs and cooing doves in lieu of house band.
Electrical energy also provides heat and air conditioning to keep homes at a comfortable temperature.
Cracks and gaps let air in and out of a house, causing heating and air conditioning systems to work harder.
When it's really hot, many of us run straight to the fan or the air conditioning.
Heat and cool only the rooms you use and whenever possible rely on windows and ceiling fans rather than air conditioning.
Reduce your use of air conditioning by parking in the shade.
They're encased in gel and housed in a metal case that is cooled by the air conditioning compressor.
Amenities include air conditioning and a full-on stereo.
Look for a full slate of features, from anti-lock braking and traction control to air conditioning and leather.
Amazingly, the building has no heating or air conditioning.
Most have cars, cable or satellite and air conditioning.
Second, the interior is much hotter, which means more air conditioning.
Our results do not mean that air conditioning or clean water was irrelevant.
The air conditioning, which works badly, is meant to remove the desire to open them.
To prevent overheating, the air conditioning has been turned off.
If the process works, it would dramatically increasing the efficiency of air conditioning.
Siemens is also touting demand-controlled air conditioning and an electrodynamic breaking system.
Turn on the air conditioning and sit down to fill in the blanks.
That's going to mean tough commutes during the winter and spending more money on air conditioning in the summer.
The air conditioning was too cold, and yet one sweated.
They eat quickly and leave, while others stay to socialize in the cool air conditioning.
As for the turnaround in oil revenues, sure they have shopping malls and air conditioning.
These materials can improve a process called adsorption chilling, which can be used for refrigeration and air conditioning.
Dozens of microprocessors in today's diesel locomotives run almost all of their systems, from fuel feed to cab air conditioning.
It could possibly even be used for air conditioning.
And no people were around to lament the lack of air conditioning or to be bothered by dragon flies with three foot wingspans.
Air conditioning was a luxury, but hardly a necessity.
It has no air conditioning and she's not allowed to get a portable unit.
The air conditioning worked perfectly, with much use, until this year.
Scam artists are fairly rare within the air conditioning industry and tend to be focused on fly-by-night operations.
Air conditioning relies on some form of heat exchange.
There is little air conditioning, and soon the hallway became stifling with the cluster of humanity.
They also might turn on the air conditioning when their owner leaves them in a hot car.

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