aimless in a sentence

Example sentences for aimless

His government has turned out to be as incompetent, aimless and tainted by scandal as its predecessors.
West's film is a visual manifestation of the trapped psychology and the deeply unsettling anxieties of the aimless.
If she's a bit aimless and lonely, she's not especially aware of it.
The current distribution process is aimless and is not cost-effective.
Many thought themselves destined for big things but were gone or aimless soon after they were created.
Common signs are changes in facial expressions, restlessness or aimless pulling at clothes.

Famous quotes containing the word aimless

The ellipse is as aimless as that, Stretching invisibly into the future so as to reappear In our present. I... more
Warren G. Harding invented the word "normalcy," And the lesser-known "bloviate," meaning, one imagines, To spout, to spe... more
It is a world completely rotten with wealth, power, senility, indifference, puritanism and mental hygiene, poverty and w... more
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