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Each is organized a little differently and is aimed at a different audience, but there is a lot of overlap among them.
Not long ago, publishing and other media businesses mostly aimed to sell blockbusters.
He aimed to show up at the right habitats at the right moments to bag birds he needed for a record one-year tally.
The museum's exhibits and research are aimed at connecting museum-goers to both land and sea.
They fired a volley from their muskets, every bullet aimed.
Of course, part of the fun of modern home video formats is all the special features aimed at satisfying the diehard movie fan.
He aimed to show up at the right habitats at the right moments to bag birds he needed for a record one year tally.
Most of the objects in the exhibit were used in ceremonies aimed at communing with the dead.
In the experiment, volunteers wrote essays aimed at strangers about their views on animal testing or dietary preference.
Each satellite has a small camera that middle school students can request be aimed at target areas on the moon for study.
And two: reports of the decline of scientific discourse aimed at advancing understanding are plain wrong.
The studied jellies live in mangrove swamps and the studied eyes are always aimed at the tree canopy.
The transit projects are aimed at transforming the nation's infrastructure and creating thousands of jobs.
Then he aimed a speaker at a group of moths and broadcast sounds in a wide range of frequencies.
Most experts recommend early evaluation and treatment aimed at preventing the development of a chronic communication disorder.
If one is killed by a bullet aimed or simply a misfire, dead is dead.
In fact, over the past generation, billions of pounds have been poured into a variety of schemes aimed at reviving the cities.
The tobacco companies have long argued that their advertising is aimed purely at encouraging smokers to switch brands.
Drugs aimed at pathogens should not interact with human proteins at all.
But while such complaints to the authorities are likely to fall on deaf ears, marketing aimed at children is not.
It must be done by all of us going forward with a program aimed at reaching a balanced budget.
Steps will be taken aimed at restoring the balance between the various levels of government.
Hub is an archaic word for the nave of a wheel, the hilt of a weapon, or the mark aimed at in quoits.
In the broadest social sense, not in the narrow technical one, it aimed to be educative.
Their jests never sparkled more brightly than when they were aimed at authority.
He aimed far higher than the popular history, digested into annals.
In these essays he aimed at an interpretation of life in the light of the new science.
The project is aimed at involving all divers in gathering accurate data about the fish populations seen in the areas they dive.
He carefully aimed his tranquilizer gun at the tiger.
The cameras were synchronized and aimed at the same spot so they captured three-dimensional images.
They aimed to put pressure on logging companies by diminishing the market for their products.
The plane will have new design features, engines, and construction materials-all aimed at increasing its fuel efficiency.
Explain to students that they will be working on a public awareness campaign aimed at various areas of the population.
There are video cameras aimed at various parts of the ship.
By measuring the amount of red and green in the paintings, the scientists aimed to calculate the amount of dust in the atmosphere.
Their itineraries are more innovative and experiential-aimed at developing lasting connections between people.
Be warned that the prices are aimed at bankers who still get bonuses.
Terrorism is a weapon of war aimed at inflicting psychological defeat.
So he aimed his cue at the cue ball to play a safety.
Even legislation aimed at reducing violent crime has been subverted by the legal underpinnings of the drug war.
If the industry resists, ban all food advertising aimed at kids, and aggressively enforce the ban.
Research, however, has principally been aimed at increasing the yield of strawberry plants.
But the secretary will also call for more money for a program aimed at producing more minority teachers.
His tight, purposeful rhythms aimed to push the soft-rock junk of the mid-seventies out of the mainstream and off the road.
The unsettling flip side is that telomerase-boosting treatments aimed at slowing aging might also increase the risk of cancer.
The approach employs a mix of psychosocial measures aimed at limiting the patient's emotional stress load.
The signal is fed to uplink towers aimed at orbiting satellites.
The snake anticipates this and executes a predictive strike, aimed at the position where the fish will end up.
The fighting manuals show that gladiators usually aimed to injure.
School-based interventions should not target heavier children specifically with segregated programs aimed at lowering weights.
Clearly the presentation here is aimed toward goading people into testing their formalism, and to see if it has any utility.
The next step in the evolution of mobile communications may be aimed at people who are stuck in the office, not on the move.
But they too have slowly added features--hardware and software--aimed at improving digital audio sound quality.
The new companies are trying a variety of approaches aimed at reducing launch costs by a factor of ten.
Now these astronomers have aimed their technology at a new target: computer chips.
Policy changes aimed at reducing emissions through city planning have to come at the local or state level.
The maker of luxury vehicles is developing a less expensive line aimed at people more interested in phones than cars.
Proprietary software ensures that all the mirrors are aimed properly.
Many were aimed at issues relating to net neutrality.
They're aimed at shaping perceptions of indictments if they come down.
The conclusion was bizarre, and it was deliberately aimed at minimizing the prisoner's significance.
They aimed at a goal widely regarded as best for the community as a whole.
The book is now a fantastic best seller, yet the author cannot have aimed simply at the market.
The first is the ordinary one-a series of events and negotiations aimed at achieving a settlement between the warring parties.
But none aimed at the total destruction of an entire people.
Beams of light were aimed across the undulated interior roof.
What is required is another round of substantial fiscal stimulus and new programs aimed directly at creating jobs.
Other nationalisms aimed at liberating subjugated peoples who spoke the same language and lived in the same territory.
The effect aimed at was one of decisive and final action, after all the prior evasions.
Dying, one aimed to leave behind warm memories, as well as material goods and an example of virtue.

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