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If that is too subtle a point to make in a show for non-specialists, then the stated aim of this exhibition may be too ambitious.
Those who do point take a while to think about it and then aim in all possible directions.
Aim for your students to engage in the kind of editing and revision that you do when you write papers with colleagues.
They should aim for a thorough dismantling of distorting subsidies and for truly open markets for farm goods.
Researchers aim to put more rigor into studies of media bias.
Maybe different styles of putters work for golfers because they actually help the golfer aim better.
Some encourage access, others aim to foster completion.
These lower appendices aim to regulate trade, not prohibit it.
His exuberance and boyish projection of triumph led to an addiction to taking aim from afar and wasting ammunition.
Aim to have something in bloom from early spring to late fall so that winged visitors are never without nourishment.
Others suggest that the aim is to ensure the election of a weak, unwieldy parliament.
As truck fleets and policy makers aim to curb big rig fuel consumption, the secret weapon is driver behavior.
Sustainability must be the ultimate aim but almost no-one really understands what that is.
The aim here is not merely to educate minds but to build character.
The aim is a worthy one, and the only thing wrong with the plans is that they do not go nearly far enough.
Aim for early morning or late afternoon for the best light.
The matter is further obscured by the nature of the threats they aim to fend off.
In my neighborhood, some of the street lamps aim their light directly down on the sidewalk and road.
Its aim is to make government data more easily accessible, both to journalists and to ordinary citizens.
The aim is to highlight local projects that have potential to expand to regional or global scale.
The main difference between then and now is that now a major aim of the work is to preserve the creatures under observation.
The gunners have certainly had plenty to aim at this week.
Both nonprofit organizations aim to get schoolchildren interested in careers in science, math, and engineering.
Its aim becomes ecstasy in that ancient, liberatory sense.
The aim of screening healthy people for cancer is to discover tumours when they are small and treatable.
The aim is to avoid long and difficult legal arguments over who was the first to come up with an idea.
The scheme's main aim is to protect taxpayers from bearing losses.
Real-time bidding makes it easy to aim ads at susceptible eyeballs.
The idea of a currency war is that nations depreciate their currencies with the aim of boosting their share of export markets.
Obviously, the aim is to make profit as much as possible.
It is not the features or design that matter, since the two phones aim at different users.
Aim to capture the soul of the place as well as its physical appearance.
But this time the aim is to make them livelier and less dogmatic.
Aim your phone at a building and see a video about that building.
To achieve cordiality, you should aim for friendliness.
Aim it at a picture in a newspaper and launch an interactive experience.
Its aim is to engineer organisms that perform functions of use to humans.
The aim is for them to become fitter-activities range from yoga to martial arts-as well as slimmer.
Innovators who aim to create a world of cheap, clean energy should heed some basic lessons.
The science team aim to verify this preliminary conclusion.
The aim is to work out the other people's role to stop them completing the mission.
His aim is to discourage readers from doing likewise.
Scientists couldn't aim the telescope's receiver at particular parts of the sky for about a month.
They aim to give you an experience that's as close as possible to running in bare feet.
These corporate giants aim to cash in on the desperation of traditional news publishers.
Their worlds are inventive, tell a great story or aim to educate.
These expeditions aim to quickly register the flora and fauna in order to inform conservation decisions.
The aim for the researchers is to understand both sides of the story: the regression and growth of the tumors.
The aim of perfectionism counseling is not simply to tame the trait s destructive side.
Some left behind say that snipers prevented their flight by taking aim at columns of departing residents.
And to have brain research corroborate it is rather unscientific, since the aim of research should be objective.
As well as the serious money required to take part in a grouse shoot a true aim is vital.
Aim to take one underexposed image, one overexposed image, and one right in the middle at the correct exposure for the situation.
These projects all aim to rehabilitate the environment and return these vast tracts of land to nature.
The newly proposed laws aim to rid the country's lucrative wildlife industry of unethical hunting and breeding practices.
Once captured, they can be studied with the aim of stopping malaria, which mosquitoes spread.
The long-term aim is to reduce the camel population by as much as two thirds.
Ecotourism's primary aim is to counteract the negative effects of human development.
The aim is to attract more people during the already busy dry season.
He drew his pistol, snuck up behind the president, took aim and fired.
If you don't want all this freedom you can use the standard lock-on system, which will auto-aim your shots.
Therefore, though they should fail immediately, they had better aim at something high.
Slot in the slug and take aim, and pull the trigger to fire.
Our aim should be a policy of construction and not one of destruction.
To please will always be the wish of benevolence, to be admired the constant aim of ambition.
Something new and different was always the aim, because life and character are protean.
He did not aim at leading his generation along new ways, but at recalling them to paths trodden by the ancients.
It is this subterranean world which forms the second aim, the special object of the historian.
Along with this view went a profound conviction of the importance of education, and of the breadth of its aim.
His aim is always to astonish his readers with some new invention of a learned and elaborate fancy.
To attempt this, is to miss the true aim and lose much of effectiveness in this style of composition.
It has been my aim to have them speak with directness and frankness about anything that concerns the life of the school.
He should aim at learning how to find a ruling quickly, rather than at remembering the ruling.
Every investigation which is guided by principles of nature fixes its ultimate aim entirely on gratifying the stomach.
His aim was to gather up the best ideas of his time and put them within reach of the ordinary reader.
In any major economy, policymakers aim to calibrate a balance between growth and inflation.
Always their first aim was to find a concrete target, to visualize their cause in some definite and defiant opponent.
The psychology will inevitably be a significant problem for the acceptance of a therapy that explicitly does not aim for a cure.
The aim is that they will be the same for all companies.
The aim of the exercise is to solve a decades-old mystery about the part that friction plays in such an event.
Maybe you need to aim your fear and suspicion at more fitting targets.
The aim was partly to show that the authorities were steadily bringing the crippled reactors under control.
And the rich world should aim to get the politics of regulation right for the long haul.
The main aim of innovation would be not to reduce risk but to make cars or flights cheaper.
Augmented cognition, in contrast, focuses on deducing a cognitive state with the aim of somehow enhancing it.
Two new projects, however, aim to push back both these limits.
Now it appears that the real bone of contention is the aim of proposed cuts in tariffs on manufactured goods.
Indeed, the project's main aim is to explain how vertebrates use perception to guide their movements.
Coke insists that its aim is not to cut costs but to inspire creativity and efficiency.
The aim is to make those pellets undergo nuclear fusion-the process that causes stars to shine and hydrogen bombs to explode.
She focuses on sustaining a high performance work ethic with an aim to provide development opportunities to all employees.
My aim is not to slap some sort of gastronomic restraining order on chefs intent upon experimentation.
New online exchanges aim to turn computer time into a globally traded commodity.
Researchers aim to ultimately develop the approach into a communication tool.
The main commonality is that both aim to give information and answer your questions.
Others aim to recruit live humans and apply their intelligence to tasks computers can't handle.
Researchers ultimately aim to generate replacement tissue for cells lost or damaged to disease or injury.
Two new designs aim to make nuclear reactors safer and vastly more efficient.
The long-term aim of the the grant was to create a model program that other congregations could use as well.
His aim is to convert it into useful glucose, which can then be fermented into ethanol.
Coulter's aim at antiscience is at the other end of the political spectrum.
Most of today's drugs for this disease aim to prevent bone loss.
When your opponent fights with a mouthful of razor-sharp daggers, it pays to give them something to aim for that isn't your head.
The aim is to build an extender with the full range of mobility of the human arm.
They aim to turn our planet into a desert filled with lint-based cowboys.
Other projects aim to provide better weather data and turbulence detection.
Whereas the lazy, unthoughtful, and sometime contemptuous parent would aim for less care as personal freedom.
All comments are intended constructively, and with aim of helping.
Its lingua franca was parody, but playful mockery was never its aim.
The survivors crouched behind sandbags and fired blindly, unable to even stick their heads up to aim.
The purpose of a state dinner is to further the aim of our foreign policy.
If a sac fly is what's called for, he'll aim for that.
Flair's radically ambitious aim was to outdo every magazine in every category on its own turf.
The songs aim, without apology or irony, for grandeur.
The aim of perestroika is the radical curtailment of central planning.
Most ballet dancers aim for a look of effortlessness.
Also understand that the junta's overriding aim is not to make friends and do business around the world, but to hold on to power.
One single aim fired us, the urge to embrace all experience, and to bear witness concerning it.
After a year in the capital, they have succeeded in only the third aim-hence their frustration.
Out-of-court settlement was the aim and was finally achieved.
Their aim is to encourage innovation and succession.
The resultant quality of life is always subordinate to the chief aim of prolonging it.
They should be sequestered, in places which have no other aim except sequestration.
Rather than being a war aim, it became part of the war itself.
Even if a reliable mode of delivery can be found, there is still the question of precisely where to aim a drug.
The historian's new aim was to discern the dynamic processes controlling social change.
The aim of negotiations would be to avoid both kinds of intervention.
The aim of the studies was to see whether a shorter, simpler course of treatment might be as effective.
There were all kinds of easier ways for him to bring me down, if that was his aim.
But the aim should always be knowledge, not transformation.
His aim, he writes, is to increase the public's awareness of the body's insides.
The aim is to articulate what has been repressed, to fill in a blank in the narrative about ourselves.
My aim was truth, truth to a particular experience, containing a definition of the writing self.
Wright's aim was clearly apotropaic-to warn blacks off from anything suspected of white exploitation.
The previous aim of reform had been to broaden the base of the government to include elements of the loyal opposition.
In any case, the final aim must be to burn out entirely this pestilent abscess.
In fact, nothing she proposed showed any promise of accomplishing that aim.
Aim for balance, and treat yourself with a new outfit.
But in court the ampersand was changed to versus, and the aim was not to relieve pain but to exacerbate it.
In the meantime, carriers aim to encourage more of us in middle age to start tapping.

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