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The ailment of hypersensitivity, a symptom of the disease of political correctness, is breaking out in journalism.
But the ailment is now fashionable enough to attract the interest of those with mildly upset feelings.
The hallucination that he could jump back to camp is a typical manifestation of that ailment.
The ailment may be in part the result of the stresses imposed on hives by this uniquely modern system.
The ailment isn't an illness in the traditional sense.
If proteins are doing their job wrong, the result is a physical ailment.
He died of a heart ailment and pneumonia, a family spokeswoman said.
It seems, therefore, that what has hitherto been regarded as a single ailment is actually two.
Beryllium causes acute or chronic beryllium disease, a deadly ailment affecting the lungs.
On the skin, the ailment starts after three to five days with a nondescript, painless blister that is red around the edges.
In some cases scientists have indeed found a new explanation for a particular ailment.
The company is targeting medicines in the cardiovascular, diabetes, tuberculosis and psychiatric ailment areas.
The ailment is one unhappy consequence of the region's economic transformation.
It does nothing to cure any disease or virus, or physical ailment.
He had been suffering from a heart ailment for many years, family members said.
The ailment causes bats to wake up during hibernation, which means the animals use up their fat reserves too fast.
Perry underwent surgery early this month to correct what his aides describe as a recurring back ailment.
If that is so one does not need any special technique to cause her to reproduce the history of her ailment.
If you're unaware of this practice, homeopathy is the idea that plain old water can cure any ailment.
As is so often the case, the answer to a puzzling ailment had been in the patient's medical history.
And the consequence of having your brain be out of whack is also a lot more severe than a physical ailment.
At the same time, some quacks began touting radioactive patent medicines for every conceivable human ailment.
It does nothing and is completely harmless if you are well or have an otherwise self-limiting ailment.
We're not talking about some capsule containing dried plants affecting an ailment but a whole new physical phenomenon.
The stunt, however, may have inadvertently demonstrated the existence of a true ailment.
It is a common ailment and much more common in smokers.
But the earliest victory may be against an ailment with no vaccine or treatment.
The question is whether the cure will actually be more costly than the ailment.
On their way to the proposed estates many of these people perished of exhaustion, ailment and starvation.
It could be an aggravation, as the special teamer was listed on the injury report with an ankle ailment this week.
It's evidently a flareup of an ailment that first cropped up in spring training and then again late last month.
He has missed the last seven games with an upper-body ailment.
He's also trying to conquer every ailment possible for a basketball player.
He wasn't at full strength early in the season because of what coaches called a stomach ailment.
Bush's feet moved noticeably more slowly down the stretch, and he appeared on late-season injury reports with a shoulder ailment.
Now that students are in summer break, children may be involved in more informal activities that may spread the ailment.
Virtually every human ailment, except perhaps trauma, has some basis in our genes.
Trees that are believed to have insects or disease are removed as soon as possible, and the ailment is identified.
Although this is officially the flu and cold season, there's another ailment that can strike in any season.
The vet diagnosed her ailment as a nutritional deficiency, but neither medication nor changes in diet helped.

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