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Libraries and university presses are both ailing and desperate.
Doctors have struggled to distinguish the ailing from the malingering.
The killer could be a painkiller commonly fed to ailing livestock.
While those leaders' gifts may not do much to offset ailing budgets, they have resonated on their respective campuses.
The mission successfully installed two new science tools, fixed two ailing ones, and replaced batteries and gyrators.
Scientists believe the cells could be used to restore ailing hearts, livers and other organs.
It is difficult for a successful university to take over an ailing one, or for two complementary campuses to merge.
She said it is unusual for an ailing basking shark to come ashore.
His goal is to investigate how video games can work within, and perhaps help rescue, the ailing field of journalism.
Some are also resorting to an old tradition among ailing newspapers of seeking a sugar-daddy.
Fisheries managers have turned to fishing regulations and marine reserves to aid other ailing species.
Instead, amid layoffs and slipping sales, film companies are struggling to keep the ailing industry alive.
She left him a year ago, when his health was ailing.
Though ailing in his later years, he remained active.
Injecting them into ailing patients invites the same rejection response that plagues organ transplants.
One photo showed the posterior of the ailing bird-Ms.
Electrical charges cause a chemical reaction that spurs growth in ailing coral.
So human-esque care-bots may be a wise investment for a military overwhelmed with ailing vets.
He is older and somewhat arthritic but has no other ailing health issues.
The old, ailing ex-dictator may or may not deserve mercy.
It has helped revive ailing campaigns, including the fight against polio.
The problem is that keeping ailing companies on life-support holds back healthier firms and harms the economy overall.
Yet if e-readers do take off, the real beneficiaries could be the ailing newspaper and magazine publishers.
Enthusiasts think direct democracy is spreading because the traditional type is ailing.
Weak and ailing people were heartened and healed by his presence.
Part of the purpose was to give a lift to the ailing auto industry.
He had planned to use this imaging technique to deliver growth factors to ailing hearts.
The moral evil of letting these embryos be discarded can not be rectified by letting them be used as a salve for ailing bodies.
Narrator lives with his ailing father, a retired lawyer.
Word got around, and after that ailing villagers sometimes showed up at my door.
When an ailing heart can't move blood on its own, an implanted pump can help keep it flowing smoothly.
It's tolerably well known that newspapers and magazines bank the obituaries of the ailing famous.
The problem ailing print is lack of advertisers, which has gone online.
But a post-dated political check by an ailing monarch has made global headlines.
Every friend can use it to prepare something for other friends when they are ailing.
But helping ailing center cities by transferring funds from the suburbs is unlikely to garner much political support.
Those ailing firms sucked up all the capital that should have been used to rebuild the economy.
Needless to say, the ailing company is desperately in need of a jumpstart.
Instead it risks driving the now-ailing aircraft-maker back into increased state ownership.
These huge, out-of-town stores are ailing as people opt for smaller, closer shops.
Local-news outfits are ailing as car dealers and shops trim their advertising.
But despite its outward strength, the industry is ailing.
Now, municipal leaders are working at the local level to tackle their ailing pension plans.
But this year, the state's ailing economy has made back-to-school activities even more difficult for struggling families.
But these cells also hold great promise for millions of ailing patients and their families.

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