aileron in a sentence

Example sentences for aileron

One aileron is found at the outer trailing edge of each wing.
The hinged part found on the trailing edge of the wing is called the aileron.
The left aileron cables were found attached to the aileron sector, which was damaged with the stops in place.
Aileron and rudder responses are shown along with the pilot rudder doublet inputs.
Deflection of an aileron control surface when flying at high dynamic pressure has two effects.
Aileron-A control surface set into or near the wing tips, used to control the longitudinal axis or roll of the airplane.
The aileron controls were located along the trailing edge at the wing tips of the arrow-wing planform.
The tests revealed that aileron trim inputs resulted in a dramatic airplane-rolling tendency.
The airplane sustained substantial damaged to the fuselage, stabilizer, and right aileron.
The aileron however, is mounted at three points and must be accounted for.
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