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The scientists enlisted village health aides to identify those who needed help.
The elderly segment of the population is growing to the point where there won't be enough doctors, nurses, and nurses' aides.
Once inside, the mayor's aides bought all the blankets in stock.
Several campaign aides told campaign reporters to return to the press area, and some of his security detail manhandled reporters.
The country will need more healthcare aides to look after a rapidly aging population.
College officials and legislative aides said they expected lawmakers to approve the plan.
Quite frankly, there are not many options if lowly legislative aides don't even take your phone calls.
Education committee aides have said the chamber plans to take up the measure soon.
His aides say that he knew nothing about the scheme before a local planning committee considered it.
But now he has made a public apology, vowing to listen to public opinion and replace many of his aides.
Since then, royal aides have cannily worked to secure autonomy and arms-length financing from government.
Allegations of corruption have been swirling around his family and aides for months.
She speaks critically of her aides before journalists.
Negotiators and aides seemed to be drowning in paper.
Normally, intelligence and education are aides to acquiring true beliefs.
Foreign ministers can be a pompous lot, striding about with a half-dozen bossy aides in tow.
Don't forget that transistors were invented to make hearing aides.
For the next year and a half, aides brought him the papers he requested.
Branch relates the meetings with his aides that last night and again the next day.
At this, some of his aides couldn't stop themselves and burst out laughing.
At one point they cross the path of a wounded general whose aides are carrying him on a stretcher.
Hearing loss increases with the use of hearing aides.
He gets on well, too, with his bodyguards and aides.
The president was delighted with his story, and all his aides laughed appreciatively.
One of the president's top aides told a group of her fellow pols that he had proof that she was behind the unfounded nasty tales.
One of the provisions of that legislation was the registration of nurse aides.
The board certifies advanced practice nurses and certified homemaker-home health aides.
Thankfully the aides have this system figured out completely.

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