aide in a sentence

Example sentences for aide

When they ran out of tunes they were reprimanded by an aide.
Turned out they wanted me to act as an aide to the commodore.
The government has yet to recover from a corruption scandal earlier this year involving an aide.
The arrest of his brother's aide was the final straw.
Almost unnoticed, an aide clamps the arteries above and below the heart, and cuts.
Fearing that she might indeed attempt suicide, the aide gathered up all the firearms in the vicinity.
One of his first duties was to select a provost, his top aide.
Her security aide recounted how she cooked for them, and this is extraordinary in our feudal society, and remembered them.
Who should stop driving and who needs a home health aide.
In one episode, an aide comes up to me and gives me some information.
But the voice she is listening to now is the one inside her head, explains a longtime aide.
Information about nurse aide registry, qualification process.
The aide provides support services for skilled nursing care.
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