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Nowhere is the need clearer than in the field of foreign aid.
His heart is dodgy, he wears a hearing aid and needs reading glasses.
Colleges are creating more student-aid programs or expanding existing ones.
If you are already a good free climber, you will likely find aid climbing very easy.
Refugee numbers are soaring and budgets to aid them are being cut.
This resource page has been created to aid educators interested in covering the oceans in their classrooms.
Federal financial aid for the nation's neediest students may be on the chopping block.
The son was so angry that he offered no aid.
To use the unit purely as a hearing aid, tune the radio to a place where no station is heard.
This was the first time in five years that state aid for higher education grew more slowly than it had the year before.
To aid in the debate, have students create poster advertisements for the navigational method they think is best.
Their support and aid was invaluable in reaching the pole but it is unlikely they would have made the attempt on their own.
Many died on the way, or after arriving too late, but others' lives were saved by the aid they found there.
Many of the townspeople continued the tradition of farming with the aid of migrant workers, who lived in ramshackle huts.
Quite natural is their feeling and desire to aid those who are at war against the causes which so naturally antagonize them.
He has a potbelly, wears a hearing aid, and shuffles uncertainly.
Describes the difficulties faced by relief workers trying to bring aid to the country.
Around the middle of this month, the station will no longer be manned, but will be run by a navigational-aid system instead.
The new telescope employs several tricks to aid the hunt.
To aid the afflicted, new drugs are also in the works.
We set up a cognitive rehabilitation program that tried to aid him with mnemonic strategies.
There are many charitable, non-profit organizations that may or will be providing aid and relief.
They can actually see images, with the aid of light-focusing lenses.
Theory, with the aid of computers to do the tedious calculations, had pointed the way to discovery.
Using parchment as an aid and rolling away from you, roll up meringue.
Using parchment as an aid, roll up dough tightly into a log.
Invert a large plate over terrine, then carefully invert terrine onto plate with aid of parchment.
Yet only one in five people who could benefit from using a hearing aid wear one.
Novel device could aid the treatment of infertility.
Implanted electrodes could aid paralyzed patients.
With the aid of such a powerful tool, medical treatment could be tailored to a patient's distinct genetic profile.
With the aid of some algorithms, he posits, that information could help us identify things to do or new people to meet.
It has a long shelf life, which makes it attractive for use in first-aid kits.
In some products, such distinctive characteristics serve mainly to aid brand recognition.
Not only military and firemen, but aid workers and journalists.
He believes he can pull it off with the aid of a nickel joke book from the five-and-dime shop.
Then came his charge that those who disagreed with his decision to grant educational aid to illegal immigrants had no heart.
At the time, few aid organizations were operating there, because it was simply too violent.
They needed the crisply attired foreign-aid workers, and they also hated and resented them.
But the real link between college costs and aid is complicated.
How smart phones and other consumer technology can aid, or even replicate, some military uses.
But much of it was stolen by well-connected elites, who re-sold the aid at marked-up prices.
Thus, all our strength and success in the work of our hands depend on our borrowing the aid of the elements.
Both sides know when all the disaster aid requests come in the amount can go up.
Those are some of the challenges of making foreign aid effective, and they can stand for many other examples.
These pressures are a well-known incentive to give aid no matter what the behavior of the recipient.
Quite apart from the countryside, they have failed to secure even the major cities and highways so that aid agencies can work.
Here political science needs the aid of political sociology.
But it should be added that need is viewed generously and aid is now given to students from families with six-figure incomes.

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