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But it seems ahistorical to deny that the dynamics of human problems don't change.
And it includes the chart above, which is a masterpiece of ahistorical nonsense.
But many of the tea-partiers have invented a strangely ahistorical version of it.
It is a bad piece of work, ahistorical and unbalanced.
Morality is not an ahistorical product of universal pure reason.
There is a certain ahistorical cast to their criticism.
Yet these explanations have a curiously ahistorical flavor.
Narrative devices and perspectives were naturally suggested by a place, ahistorical moment ora personality.
It would be both sacrilegious and ahistorical to believe that our power will last for eternity.
It starts with ahistorical evolution of the project and ends with the current status.
It is here that ahistorical perspective, as presented in this book, has much to offer.
Economics is a mainly ahistorical discipline, but real societies and systems of government are not.

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Without the meditative background that is criticism, works become isolated gestures, ahistorical accidents,... more
A fixed image of the future is in the worst sense ahistorical.... more
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