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Running aground, he was obliged to abandon his vessel.
Even sailors who didn't run aground here told tales of the howling winds and birds.
Here, wind-whipped tides can build seas big enough to capsize small boats and currents strong enough to drive big ships aground.
It worked to a point, until the water became too shallow and the ships ran aground.
About a mile or so in from the sea, two boats remain aground where the tsunami wave deposited them.
On the open ocean, the wave keeps going until it runs aground.
He argues that life was driven aground by the rich availability of snacks.
If you are the first ship sailing in these waters, all too often you learn about a rock by going aground on it.
It's really too bad when clever ideas run aground on the inconvenient shoals of reality.
In the rush to get out of there, the boat ran aground.
The writer had run aground with a third of the manuscript left to go.
We had run aground so violently that one of our two rudders had been severed and an engine incapacitated.
But the captain of the ship that has run aground must be relieved of his command.
Two ships under his command ran aground on shoals and became total losses.
When humans come aground, the birds go wild attacking the intruder.
It is no surprise that ships ran aground or sank with such tragic frequency.
Unfortunately it is on these rocky shoals that the commission is likely to run aground.
It has resorted to these arrangements only because a new oil law approved by the cabinet last year has run aground in parliament.
If a ship ran aground near the coast, animals were thrown overboard to lighten the load so that the ship could be re-floated.
His patent was for a system of chambers designed to refloat boats that had run aground.
After that time, its batteries may run low or the buoy may run aground.
No ship wants to run aground on sharp rocks or in shallow waters.
The map clearly shows the obstructions at the mouth of the inlet that caused numerous ships to run aground.
You've got this luxury boat or ship and it's starting to run aground a little bit.

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