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Nationally, energy production sucks more water from freshwater sources than any other sector except agriculture.
Agriculture information related to organic farming.
Farm families know a prosperous agriculture can't be built on government subsidies and controls.
Two related items about agriculture — one unsettling, the other hopeful .
Uprooting them is unfathomable in this era of knowledgeable agriculture.
The one may be called the system of commerce, the other that of agriculture.
But it is also the home of bio tech advances in agriculture.
As a result, much of the vegetation has been cleared for agriculture.
With the advent of agriculture and writing in Mesopotamia came social hierarchy.
But now the chemical age of agriculture is running out of juice.
Demand for biofuels will skyrocket, taking land away from agriculture.
Its fine schools and healthy mix of industry, agriculture and business have created an outstanding community.
The science of agriculture and agricultural chemistry, for instance, made quite parallel advances during the nineteenth century.
The direct result of this system is an all-cotton scheme of agriculture and the continued bankruptcy of the tenant.
Agriculture, agriculture operations, and related sciences.
For example, some scientists have fretted over the world's limited supplies of rock phosphate, which is used in agriculture.
Industrial agriculture has already simplified the otherwise topographically complicated landscape a robot must navigate.
His research has focused on the economics of energy, agriculture, and climate change.
As the world's attention turns from the receding financial crisis, it is switching to one emerging in agriculture.
Both developments make the time ripe for dealing with perhaps the biggest blot on the world's trading system: agriculture.
But it was also in agriculture that the agreement came unstuck.
Prematurely abandoned, the degraded forest then falls to illegal loggers or it is cleared for agriculture, often by fire.
If couples married late and had fewer children, population growth could be sufficiently arrested for agriculture to cope.
At the same time, the migration of workers from agriculture to industry will slow.
The switch raised hopes of reforms, especially of the communist country's long dysfunctional agriculture.
There is an occasional exception to the rule that governments should keep out of agriculture.
Reading offers a strong research base, particularly in areas such as agriculture and climate change.
Now comes the chance for politicians to show that they are serious when they say they want to put agriculture right.
The future of agriculture must address several goals simultaneously.
And, unlike other kinds of tech, the advantages of mobile phones in agriculture aren't limited to the wealthy.
As a sector, it is now larger than these countries' agriculture or energy industries.
These creatures had not died as a side effect of agriculture.
In many places, yields can increase-if prices rise high enough to make investment in more-intensive agriculture worthwhile.
Signs of wild fluctuations in energy and agriculture prices are already rearing their heads.
Most forms of industrialized agriculture now have an umbilical dependency on oil, natural gas and other non-renewable resources.
Aviation and agriculture seem as distant as two professions can be.
When agriculture powered economic development, cities grew near fertile soils.
In the next few millennia humankind invented the wheel, the metal tool, and agriculture.
In towns with economies still heavily reliant on agriculture, this type of natural disaster is particularly devastating.
It was all the ways in which humanity brings change into the world through information, agriculture, and industry.
Agriculture can also be affected by volcanic ash fall.
It was the result of advances in agriculture that increased the world-wide supply of food, eliminating malnutrition.
Students will research, discuss, and write reports on the relationship between climate and agriculture.
Native peoples invented precursors to all these and made huge strides in medicine and agriculture.
Crops have died and soils have eroded-crippling local agriculture.
Ask groups to research countries on their list to find out about modern-day agriculture in those countries.
They might suggest logging or poaching, and perhaps agriculture or mining.
Set to clear land for agriculture, they have often spiraled out of control and burned neighboring forests.
The freezing conditions would affect everything from agriculture to energy demand.
We devote much of the book to the plan's specific projects, especially the impact of roads and the agriculture that follows them.
At first, they lived simple nomadic lives, eking out a living with flocks of sheep and goats and perhaps small-scale agriculture.
The houses are different-the towns, the agriculture, the commerce.
Nearly all of the available land has been cleared for agriculture or urban development.
Also you could meet evacuees who are already working in agriculture.
Agriculture is disrupted and a society thrown into disarray.
The book finds that a moderate warming will have a positive economic impact on the agriculture and forestry sectors.
Over the past decade, biotechnology has revolutionized agriculture.
But our agriculture economy still outproduces all but two countries.
They will never take over all our jobs, only the basic one any was eg agriculture and industrial produce.
Salt water influx means less ground water and less agriculture land.
Sequestering it faster has negative ramifications for agriculture and our natural world.
Carloads of agriculture and consumer goods, chemicals, and paper and forest goods all declined.
Their kitchens are immaculate, the agriculture is unbelievable.
Agriculture information related to fuels and engines.
Agriculture information related to environmental management systems.
Agriculture information related to natural events and disasters.
Land quite literally underlies all economic activity, but nowhere more than for agriculture.
Agriculture information related to nutrient management and fertilizers.
Information on laws and policies related to agriculture.
Grants for agriculture, conservation, or rural development are designed to accomplish specific objectives.
Grant requirements for agriculture generally are for existing farm operations.
Water supplies are prone to overuse by industry and agriculture.
In college, he eschewed more lucrative professions and studied agriculture.
Genetically modified crops designed for industrial agriculture have given the technology a bad rap.
Bees have amazingly complicated social structures and behaviors, and are critical for a lot of agriculture.
There are about a billion people, largely in the developing world, who are dependent totally on rain-fed agriculture.
Industrial agriculture has been really good at producing more per labor unit and they call this improved efficiency.
Intensive agriculture and land development is bringing humans closer to animal pathogens.
Horses, experimental subjects of the agriculture department, munch clover in the field outside his window.

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