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It was seen as a way to help farm boys focus on agricultural education and stick with farming.
Expect to smell and hear them if you live near agricultural land.
In a world with a rising and increasingly wealthy population being long land and agricultural output seems a sensible play.
Agricultural drought involves mainly farming and food production.
As for costs, the researchers calculated this as the agricultural value the land would have provided if deforested.
But the major source of marine pollution is runoff from urban, suburban, and agricultural land.
The main reason for this small number is the degradation of the forests in the area, which have been felled for agricultural land.
The process consumes no fresh water or agricultural land.
At its heart, the case is about whether agricultural.
The traditional model of outreach, agricultural extension, seems less essential as the number of farmers.
Agricultural growth reduces the proportion of underweight children, whereas non-agricultural growth does not.
Cotton, wool, and leather are all agricultural products.
First, that particular project is actually an agricultural project.
Agricultural markets are dynamic, prices reflect scarcity, and production and consumption can change.
Start at an agricultural supply or farm and ranch supply store in your area.
Agricultural surpluses led to division of labor, the rise of cities, and technological innovation.
The depth of agricultural information online is growing exponentially.
The economists offer a final piece of evidence that suggests that agricultural history still affects people's beliefs.
Ecologically healthy levels of biodiversity are essential to agricultural productivity.
All flowers and plants are approved for agricultural export.
Meaningful immigration reform is not possible without meaningful agricultural reform.
And agricultural runoff is a major part of the pollution of freshwater sources.
Agricultural production is, of course, subject disruption due to major climate instabilities.
Both areas have lost species because of the depletion of the water supply and agricultural expansion.
The food crisis has reinforced two things about the future of agricultural trade.
Despite appearances, agricultural biotechnology has been a success.
Beachy sees no irony between his rustic, low-tech boyhood and a career spent developing new types of agricultural technologies.
With the end of the drought, coupled with several major irrigation projects, the state's agricultural industry bounced back.
DuPont has benefited from a global agricultural boom that has spurred sales of its genetically modified seeds and other products.
There was no agricultural run-off, and chemical pesticides were replaced with natural predators such as ladybirds.
Briefly discuss what types of physical settings are more conducive to agricultural and urban development.
Modern agricultural technology has been the key to these dramatic gains.
Our agricultural systems primarily feature annual crops that die after harvest.
If the past is any guide, future flows could fall well short of human and agricultural needs along the course of the river.
Sugar cane was once one of the state's chief agricultural products.
Humans are accelerating evolution in species ranging from viruses and bacteria to agricultural pests.
He was a poor farmer who rose to prominence as an exponent of agricultural development.
But its production uses up a hugely disproportionate share of agricultural resources.
Additional nutrient sources include power plants, cars, and agricultural and industrial ammonia emissions.
The water they are trying to obtain is valuable agricultural water.
No, this isn't another attempt to fight corruption and opium with agricultural alternatives.
Agricultural scientists have also looked at controlling fruit flies with parasitic wasps.
Agricultural scientists could breed bananas with varying peel thicknesses so that each banana would ripen at a different rate.
Agricultural runoff that eventually leads to dead zones.
Agricultural taxes are to be phased out over a five-year period.
Dramatic growth of population and agricultural output.
Indeed, at the moment it is enjoying an agricultural boom.
Consider basic questions such as whether your country is primarily agricultural or industrial.
Fertilizer and pesticide residues from agricultural activities also contribute to contamination of fresh water resources.
The great hydraulic agricultural civilizations were organized around writing and gave rise to theological consciousness.
Agricultural irrigation systems and other development have depleted hippos'-and other animals'-wetland, river and lake habitats.
They were careful to say they're investigating a broad array of sources for the contamination, including agricultural activity.
Their list of woes begins with last summer's poor monsoon, which has depressed agricultural growth this year.
The government, in turn, accuses the industry of wanting to have the best of both the agricultural and energy worlds.
He has trained them to make resistors and plans to involve them in cleaning, agricultural and medical tasks.
Southern food once owed much of its variety and agricultural vigor to wild plants.
Louise was a lawyer, specializing in the adjudication of water rights between agricultural and municipal interests.
Wetlands are dredged and filled in to accommodate urban, industrial, and agricultural development.
The agricultural pedigree is flawless, and the flavors are outstanding.
Agricultural biotech companies claim that genetically modified crops have a higher yield.
Such a deregulatory policy might seem perfectly consistent with the locavore vision of agricultural decentralization.
The main nitrogen polluter is agricultural fertilizer runoff.
The agricultural sector has become self-sufficient in the production of beef, poultry, and eggs.
The high lands are used for grazing purposes, and rich agricultural lands are found in many of the valleys.
Those reforms immediately increased the rate of economic growth and broke the agricultural stagnation.
If this has in the past been a strong stimulus, it can probably be weakened by increasing local agricultural production.
They tried to induce cooperation among the villagers and to bring families to cooperate in agricultural work.
The agricultural revolution spread until today it's nearly universal and few tribes of hunter-gatherers survive.
Proper management could turn agricultural soils into a powerful sink.
Even non-agricultural components of the rural population have historically been tied to the agricultural economy.
We live in a world of fad diets, agricultural subsidies, and esoteric supplements.
Back then the transition was the shift from an agricultural to a manufacturing economy.
Life sciences companies say agricultural biotechnology will feed the world.
Such a satellite would also be used to disrupt enemy communications as well as destroy their agricultural capabilities.
Crops such as potatoes, rice and sesame are more common in the agricultural south.
Travel to agricultural destinations open to the public and see where our food comes from.
Other boundaries involve freshwater overuse, the global agricultural cycle and ozone loss.
Almost every nation keeps collections of native seeds so local crops can be replanted in case of an agricultural disaster.
Agricultural and food scientists study farm crops and animals.

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