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Re-appointment after the first contract is subject to mutual agreement.
The agreement addresses many of the issues that leaders came here to settle.
The supply or service is clearly defined, and there is no discussion or revision of the agreement.
But there was no agreement on any of the details of such a plan.
But there is still no agreement on how well it works.
Voluntary agreement enables rating of hydroelectric impacts.
Crafting an agreement that bars exploration of lunar sites in the coming age of space tourism may be difficult.
What was not announced was the financial impact of the agreement.
Because the agreement set the spending levels for next year's budget, they believe a new round of fights will be averted.
To the extent that this evaluation is necessary, it is because of the collective-bargaining agreement between.
It is therefore timely to ask what a meaningful global agreement would entail.
Their agreement doesn't guarantee certainty, only a good bet.
Apple did not immediately respond to a request for further details about the agreement.
State officials said the agreement did not contain any furlough days or reductions in hours for permanent employees.
There also was an agreement between the two countries for six additional large dams in the region.
There is, however, little agreement on when the peak production will occur.
Hopefully there will be an agreement reached before its destroyed out of spite.
The original agreement set aside some areas as reserves, with the remainder to be harvested after a few decades of rest.
The two of you seem to be in agreement where the adaptability of that tree is concerned.
Discuss the degree to which the students are in agreement about what the gestures and sigh meant to them.
For all its arcane murkiness, the trade agreement struck today has traced important contours of the post-cold war era.
Appointments to positions are subject to campus recruitment guidelines and the collective bargaining agreement.
Any agreement that emerges from eleventh-hour negotiations may involve still further reductions.
However, this column is not for the jaded tenured professors out there nodding their heads in agreement.
And it is not clear that any new agreement will stick.
Rather, the pursuit of a universal legally binding agreement is doomed.
Darrow secured a plea agreement that would spare their lives.
So they had a bit of a tiff, but finally were able to come to an agreement.
Each report represents a consensus, or agreement, among hundreds of leading scientists.
Some artifacts have trickled back to the museum, intercepted by authorities or returned by citizens under an amnesty agreement.
Beyond that there is little agreement, particularly about whether human activity might be exacerbating their effects.
Require everyone who works with or for you to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
Because there was no formal agreement about when to take a bathroom break, neither side budged.
Daley to come to an agreement on a director for the program.
The rub was that this postwar agreement gave other countries the right to exchange their stashes of dollars for gold.
As a corollary he says that meetings should never end without an agreement on what next step each participant is expected to take.
But it was also in agriculture that the agreement came unstuck.
Another possibility is an agreement to share aerial tankers.
The question now is whether even this revised agreement will hold.
And don't even start on the politics of negotiating a global agreement on emissions or the intricacies of cap-and-trade.
Even if the agreement worked, it would help prop up the regime, which is the root of the human-rights problem.
Under a settlement agreement, almost everything he owned had been turned over to a fund to compensate former shareholders.
That's the agreement he's made with himself, summer after summer.
The billionaires were not especially close socially, nor were they in complete agreement about politics or strategy.
There is little agreement about what causes depression and no consensus about what cures it.
But in fact, this is one matter where both parties seem to be in agreement: there ought not be any real accountability.
But that's about as far as the agreement between the administration and its critics goes.
Many students had made it clear that while they were in agreement with its content, they were not willing to play the malcontent.
Sometimes they take another position or, in some cases, the parties cannot reach agreement on salary and/or contracts.
From there on out, however, they are in remarkable agreement about what happened.
After five months and little agreement, the editors abruptly ended the debate.
At the moment there is no universal agreement on how to distinguish brown dwarfs and giant planets.
However, specific agreement is not a presupposition of reasoned dialogue.
The agreement between observed and modeled images is excellent.
The problem with this is that there's no universal agreement on what's realistically attainable.
World history suggests that groups with competing philosophies never come to agreement.
Chimps and their form of malaria, therefore, have had lots of time to reach a peace agreement.
There is a general agreement via ice cores, tree rings, geological records of past temperature data.
There might even be an agreement to stop deforestation.
They were the only holdout that refused to sign on to the agreement.
The standstill agreement also restricts how the shares may be voted or sold.
However, until the board gets a formal order of possession for the unit and the space, the agreement may not be enforceable.
The servicing agent agreement is executed by the borrower, certified development company and the loan servicing agent.

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