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Example sentences for agreed

Both sides said they agreed to continue negotiating.
The two sides agreed this week to send the dispute to arbitration.
Everyone agreed how wonderful they felt after the big meal.
The two sides have agreed to keep confidential the terms of the settlement.
The desire for an agreed set of procedures for a public-debt default is not new.
He's agreed to come taste with us this week to trouble shoot.
The center had agreed to take the supplies to augment their rescue efforts.
The government has informally agreed to narrow that time frame, according to the filing.
But at this point, you've agreed on the authorship order.
Markets seem to be agreed that it would be the solution.
Indeed the results agreed with those of the simple experiment described in the main article.
Earlier this month he agreed that a group of independent legal experts should review it.
Ahmadi only relented when they agreed to give him a receipt.
So boards agreed on them when the world was cheerier.
He agreed to take the case and put his patient on hormone-replacement therapy as they prepared for surgery.
It had agreed to a date, then showed up with a shaved head.
Ike, suspicious of the wily dictator, reluctantly agreed.
Soon they agreed to let me camp on a remote corner of their property for a modest fee.
But not all researchers agreed that vent pipes would work.
Agreed, thank you for the brilliantly written, informative and delightful piece.
She agreed that crime was a big problem and that the government purposefully manipulates crime statistics.
In addition, many of today's mergers command no premium, and are agreed rather than hostile takeovers.
More disturbing still is that even some basic facts are not agreed upon.
The pair also agreed to an effort to deepen mutual understanding of each other's language and culture.
The committee has agreed to explore credit transfers, exchange programs, and quality control in universities across the region.
But some students certainly need time and space to choose their paths, he agreed.
The authors and the journals set to publish the work reluctantly agreed.
Another agreed and suggested that my talk might inspire the department to start a seminar series.
The justices also agreed to take up two disputes over when people can sue for alleged human-rights abuses overseas.
In order to check that the final product matches the design spec, there needs to be an agreed-upon point of reference.
People took the suggestion, agreed wholeheartedly, wrote rhapsodic reviews.
Panelists agreed that behind its historic facades the town had lost its soul to ranks of gleaming slot machines.
The group agreed to look at it as a formal problem in geology.
Scientists present at the news conference agreed that animal testing has yielded some important medical breakthroughs.
He lays the blame on the sun for all the agreed-on warming.
They agreed to give up information about where they drive, where they charge, and how much it costs.
Linguistic conventions are implicitly or explicitly agreed on regularities in behavior shared by a linguistic community.
Other clergymen agreed: this new technique could mean the twilight of democracy.
We agreed to disagree and make a bet that no one would remember.
It was devised and agreed to by many of the campaign's top staffers, and the candidate herself signed off on it.
She did not go home with him, but she agreed to meet him again.
Agreed, much of that money is not actual construction cost, and that future construction cost will decrease.
Agreed, there needs to be a comprehensive energy policy, the likes of which hasn't been possible in the current political climate.
The companies agreed to the terms, and it is up to them to perform.
They agreed, with a number of restrictions, including that one of them be in the room at all times when she was on the site.
Most agreed that many approaches-legal, technological, and financial-will be necessary.
He agreed and, to his surprise, became completely absorbed.
He came instantly to the phone then, agreed readily to their meeting.
In a matter of an hour or so, my father had seen the house and agreed to buy it.
By late spring, everyone had agreed to rely on advertising, with the ads discreetly presented.
The strikers received an amnesty and the state agreed to allow the shareholders to run the co-op.
Frank agreed but wanted to play him first, when the two weeks were up.
He agreed to hip surgery, and it went without complication.
After a long pause, he quietly agreed to answer my questions.
It's generally agreed that these colors must serve some function for trees.
Agreed, there's no current mechanism for science defenders.
When they asked him to come back and repeat the experiment, he agreed.
Agreed, it's unreliable data, but there's still a serious problem.
We agreed he'd visit soon for a tour of the history of astronomy collections here.
The few verbal changes in the text were agreed without difficulty within the space of ten days.
But it is much less clear that, having committed the crime, they merit an increment of punishment for having agreed to do it.
We are agreed that something must be done to improve the nation's health.
They have always agreed without question on its divine authorship.
We cannot reach any agreed wisdom by reducing these writers to their lowest common denominator.
He would start to fast in prison and the nation would hold its breath till he agreed to suspend it.
Despite fierce opposition from regional parties in the government, it agreed to do so.
White, on vacation with his family, agreed to answer some questions via email.
Not everybody agreed with me about the nature of this confrontation.
Ritz agreed to fly him out on his own dime and to have him sleep on her couch.
By the end of the evening, however, they had agreed to cooperate with a story.

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