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When he is not delivering sententious commonplaces or indulging in heavy whimsy, he makes an agreeable guide.
All this fuss suggests, not that bosses are growing more horrible, but that employees expect them to be more agreeable.
Study subjects who expressed a preference for sweet over savory tastes also tended to be more agreeable.
Their motivation seems to be a lack of having a motivation, and a contempt for anything that isn't agreeable with their agenda.
It was the occasion of an agreeable reunion which combined many of the lustrous elements of a modern ball-room.
The only agreeable solution was for me and the college to part ways.
The answer involves a number of fairly small things, some of which will also make flying more agreeable.
Our response should be to adapt to any changes and thank our good fortune for living during a agreeable period of climate.
Other than that, as the agreeable post above also has it: publish.
Developers make good profits on homes in agreeable areas.
Yam quotes a previous poll with results more agreeable as accurate.
Leaving aside the climate, it is a lively, agreeable city with much great architecture and art.
Since the soprano has an agreeable voice and an attractive personality, it was an evening pleasantly if not excitingly spent.
But fulfilling the execution of one's tasks may also require some agreeable yielding.
It's better suited for car camping, and if that's your speed, you could spend half as much money for something agreeable.
But it was instead a bright and cheery day, almost depressingly agreeable.
They will make changes to the offer letter, if mutually agreeable, and send you an amended version.
In other respects, my experiences were not altogether agreeable.
Every editor is therefore compelled to insist that his contributors should make themselves agreeable, whatever else they may do.
On the flip side, no revenue could possibly be earmarked for an agreeable cause.
It's everything you want in a foundation: solid and agreeable, perfectly transparent without being empty or boring.
In consequence of the heavy rain last night the tract was heavy, but the weather was agreeable and the attendance fair.
Less agreeable is the explosion of public debt and the acceleration of a decades-long trend: financial concentration.
While it is agreeable that torturing animals is wrong, it is not these these animals are being tested for no cause.
It makes for a more agreeable and fulfilling work experience for all of us.
In both cases the results, aesthetically speaking, are highly agreeable.
Her fellow-travellers the next day were not of a kind to make her think him less agreeable.
They are as well mannered and as well dressed as their fairer comrades and their voices are no less agreeable and effective.
Truth is above everything else, though truth is not always agreeable.
It is not enough that poetry is agreeable, it should also be interesting.
And that is not agreeable to any one, who is in the habit of setting such a high valuation upon his knowledge.
It is not agreeable to bring this home to one's self, but the fact is not without its significance in another direction.
He has carried every point, who has mingled the useful with the agreeable.
Summertime tunes can add to the relaxed atmosphere, providing an upbeat soundtrack to match the agreeable surroundings.
The cloth seats seemed as agreeable as the leather, if less lavish-looking.
Mediators are neutral facilitators who aid parties in negotiating and finding mutually agreeable settlement options.
Agreements will be for two years and can be extended if mutually agreeable.
The mediation can take place at the employer's premises or at a mutually agreeable neutral location.
Parties must confer on agreeable dates consistent with the court's schedules before contacting the clerk to reserve a date.
Compliance with the award must occur at a time, place and in a manner that is mutually agreeable to you and the manufacturer.
Try to work out a mutually agreeable and reasonable solution in a neighborly manner.
To make every reasonable effort to negotiate equitable and mutually agreeable settlement of disputes with vendors.
Conversely, they could indicate that additional work is needed to arrive at an agreeable solution.
The decision was based on the fact that all parties are agreeable to the transfer.
Agreeable to conditions of study and signed informed consent.
Mediation is an informal process in which the parties attempt to reach a mutually agreeable solution.

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