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Whether approved or rejected, court-watchers agree there will be an appeal, and that process could take years.
Working conditions for brakes could be improved if engineers and stylists would agree to give some priority to them.
One sip of their minerally, superbly elegant wine and I agree about the rewards.
Nonetheless, we cannot agree which side of the road to drive on.
French taxi drivers agree to increase number of cabs in Paris .
Most archaeologists agree that Stonehenge was built in stages over the last 5000 years.
We agree it is the right time to stop.
We'll agree it was simple and straightforward.
If many people agree to certain ideas, maybe they will be voiced louder .
Supporters agree that, to be sustainable, forests must be managed properly.
Both agree that some farming and some fishing took place here.
Researchers do agree, however, that the species is endangered.
The trouble was that no one could agree on what it was or its relevance to the evolution of other animals.
Both sides agree that if the dam is built, water levels at the new reservoir would fluctuate seasonally.
Both sides see ramifications for national politics-but do not agree, naturally, on what they will be.
And some issues need to be resolved before candidates and today's members can agree on an accession treaty.
Even the president's own bipartisan commission can't agree on what to do.
Not only is it trying to persuade foreign creditors to agree to a plan to restructure much of the foreign debt.
Most importantly, the two countries agree not to regard each other as threats.
Beforehand, some people wondered how such a diverse group would agree about something as tricky as an energy policy.
Most seismologists agree that predicting earthquakes days in advance is not going to be possible anytime soon.
Scientists are finally beginning to agree on what controls the size of the sheet and its rate of disintegration.
With the two long-term anchors set, the world's governments could then agree on strategies for reaching them.
Other experts agree that the new tally is a low estimate.
So manufacturers would have to agree on a standard communications protocol and a universal connector to join the hardware.
Science is only believable, verifiable, and robust when its findings agree with your personal opinions.
One finding on which researchers seem to agree is that consumers respond more vigorously to policies thought to be long-lasting.
Whether funding sources will agree remains to be seen.
Experts increasingly agree that gestures and speech spring from a common cognitive process to become inextricably interwoven.
Could not agree with you more, scientific earthling.
Your brain, in some ways, is really several brains trying to agree on one account of the world.
We could put anything in here and you'd agree to it.
Army higher-ups agree, yanking away all funding for the program.
With his high estimate of his own art modern criticism does not unqualifiedly agree.
They then had a little conversation about longitude, in which they found that they could not agree.
The copula should always agree with the subject, not with the complement.
Where they do agree on the stage, their unanimity is wonderful.
The scriptures do not agree on the governor's ultimate degree of guilt or innocence.
First the two heads have to decide they're both hungry at the same time, and then they have to agree to pursue the same prey.
They agree that it would be interesting to work together some day.
Please indicate to what extent you agree or disagree with each of the following statements.
Now even the skeptics agree that the ivory-billed woodpecker lives.
Most agree about the region's intact cultural authenticity.
Increasingly, scientists agree that it isn't physical need that makes animal smart, but social necessity.
Our editors and photographers agree that it is important to complete a degree in a discipline other than photography.
Fact or myth, people agree that the idea of a quilt code is compelling.
Everyone seems to agree that, in a perfect world, we'd cut some spending.
Even the best musicologists haven't been able to agree on its meaning.
The truth is that our biggest innovations come from the combination of art and science, and there are many who agree.
He spent more of his time stressing what he would not agree to than describing clear proposals of his own.
Most chefs agree that pork from heritage-breed pigs tastes better.
But it is likely that a larger number of people will agree with my seemingly extreme view.
Most people can agree that creative ideas are valuable to individuals and to our economy.
Neither funding agencies nor peer reviewers nor conference audiences will always agree.
Sometimes doctors do not agree on what they see on the screen.
They should know how to use verb tenses more or less consistently and make their subjects and verbs agree.
We've also been attracting new members among faculty who agree that the sustainability movement is ripe for critique.
We agree that there's too much income disparity in this country.
The publishers are not going to agree to this if we're not talking about two huge artists.
Naming experts agree on several universals of great names.
Though the collective comprises ten different rappers, they all seem to agree enthusiastically on the power of disorientation.
And in return for access they insist that journalists agree to all sorts of specific preconditions.
And her clients-many of whom weren't yet born-seem to agree.
Most would agree that he remained popularly under-recognized over his career.
Viewers did what they were told and seemed to agree.
All accounts of this incident agree that the victims' mouths and extremities were blue.
We know, moreover, that blue-collar workers usually agree to overtime because they want or need the extra money.
But when all the parties agree, one already has peace.
It is when the parties don't agree and are killing each other that peacekeeping is needed.
Everyone would agree that events in his past have prepared him for today's excursion.
But that's ok to be able to agree to disagree and be adults about things.
In order to get an account, you have to agree to a license.
Despite conflicting study results, doctors agree that our minds clearly do have some effect on our physiology and overall health.
To get there, many experts agree, a major shift in battery technology may be needed.
Clearly, these two methods do not agree, which is troubling for astrophysicists.
Agree with you on the info as presented in the article.
Company executives and cellulosic-ethanol advocates agree on the need for such government help.
If the theory did not work, you would not get any result, yet the experimental results agree with the theory.
Most physicians agree that to prevent further damage, the device must be used relatively soon after the event occurs.

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