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New Yorkers vent the agrarian impulse in window boxes, roof gardens and by setting out tomatoes on balconies and fire escapes.
With so much space, there should be no agrarian problem at all.
Many of our holiday customs go back to when we were an agrarian society.
All agrarian economies are moving towards industrialisation.
In the agrarian democracy Americans were building, both land and votes mattered.
Its agrarian heritage is reflected in the farms lying at the city's edge, and a beer-malting plant at the center of town.
The pioneers were truly agrarian people.
The year-by-year yield does indeed sound like an ancient agrarian version of what we now think of as annual income.
He led an agrarian revolt in 1549 as a protest against the enclosure of common land for sheep grazing.
At first we were primarily an agrarian economy.
Some agrotourism venues serve to encourage and protect threatened agrarian communities in disadvantaged countries.
My agrarian farm life goes that way, the animals shift their circadian rhythms and times of tending them shift too, accordingly.
They have lost much of their communal and agrarian nature.
The changes in culture and behavior that eventually resulted in sedentary, agrarian societies happened over thousands of years.
And it only follows that humanity will revert to a subsistence agrarian society within the confines of their own homes.
With its agrarian heritage, the state focuses on outdoor activities, despite the sometimes harsh winters.
In closed agrarian societies, families need a lot of children as insurance against disaster.
Modern technology created new forms of pollution that did not exist in agrarian economies.
Industrialized countries don't want to go back to poor agrarian societies.
Particularly in countries with long agrarian traditions--and vocal green lobbies--the idea seems against nature.
The vicinity is still agrarian, and breakfast eggs and fruit will have been delivered that morning by a local farmer.
The house's history parallels the history of an agrarian and rural society that has faded.
The city once served as the bustling commercial, political and social center of the surrounding agrarian region.
They discover the enduring interplay between agrarian civilizations and nomadic cultures.
The simple and straightforward structure of this barn is typical of the utilitarian character of agrarian buildings.
Although the war was the catalyst for a new society, the economy remained agrarian.

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