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Essentially, a pain-causing feedback loop was set in motion, creating the agony of a migraine.
The torment and torture, and pain and agony, the suffering.
Nothing in my life had prepared me for this intense agony.
The old sports cliché— the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat .
For people who suffer from debilitating migraine headaches, advances toward alleviating their agony can't come quickly enough.
The sensation of getting stung ranges from a twinge to tingling to savage agony.
Indeed, much has been written about the hardship and agony of having a famous parent.
The long silence from the broadcasters following the explosion was sheer agony.
Many talk about the agony of being the one responsible for their aging parents as you did.
Too much lifting items and holding them over your head will have your muscles crying out in agony.
Suddenly, the whole right half of your body is screaming in agony.
Their leaders' errors in no way lessen the agony of a harsh occupation.
Several grimace in agony as they hold out their bleeding hands.
Eating cold or sweet foods these days is sheer agony.
She screamed in mortal agony, but she knew that her screams did not fall on sympathetic ears.
In him, the charm of agony replaces the charm of action.
It is true that sometimes agony visits the head of a writer.
He dieted to an attractive slimness, yet, on his deathbed he cried out in agony for his fat.
But the agony that brought her to the hospital's emergency department was different.
The elation of winning was the same in both games, but the agony of defeat was crushing for losers of the auction.
Yet bad as it is clinically, the fear it inspires magnifies its agony.
After that, each swallow or syllable brought a fresh spasm of agony, as if a branding iron were pressing on her throat.
Amazingly, the bogus injection relieved the soldier's agony and prevented the onset of shock.
The test participants did not know that the sounds of agony were actually a recording and the entire setup was a hoax.
When the fatal news reached her, she was overcome by agony.
He knows what agony any recollection of him must give her, and knowing her, he must have a letter from her.
As they were lifted up in the mouths of her six heads they called to me in their agony.
They forgave their enemies and took farewell of one another, as though they were at their last agony.
But improved resuscitation techniques have now prolonged and refined the agony.
While some people experience no ear pair while flying, others might spend the entire flight in agony.
It always hurts, but some games tick especially high on the agony-o-meter.
But he doesn't look forward to the offseason, when he won't have football to divert his agony.
There is a kind of deafening agony, blinding agony to this new poem.
He was in howling agony-much to the annoyance of all the other clientele, who demand absolute discretion.
If you've ever driven in a city, you know the agony of parallel parking in a tight space.
The supervisor stared into her eyes, hoping to glimpse regret or agony.
His body might have been in agony, but his fan radar was as limber as ever.
Some were imprisoned unhurt within fallen house roofs, only to die in agony and starvation.

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